A new beginning, a new year!

Celebrations are in the air. New Year fervor is on & a brand new year is ready to shine at us.

A new year is here, to embrace us with love & joy, with a new beginning, with endless possibilities, with higher hopes & with bigger dreams.
And at such a time what else can I say besides greetings & prayers.

So here’s coming loads of wishes all your way. Oops careful it’s an overflow.
My dear friends,
May all the happiness of this world come to you & make your life beautiful. May you get whatever you aim (& work hard) for. May all your dreams turn true & you excel in every field of life
I wish you a good health, peaceful mind & a happy life.
God bless you & your loved ones.



Past weekend was quite unlike others. I was completely at ease basking in the warmth of winter’s sunlight. I had no plans of going along with friends etc. Actually this was my much needed break because since Diwali all my weekends were occupied with parties, shopping, visiting relatives & other places & so on. So I was quite happy that I would be all by myself on this one. And yes my expectations were met & I spent the weekend lazily….sleeping, eating & chatting on phone. I did read a spiritual book and you know what it influenced me quite a lot. If you haven’t guessed it till now I must tell that it did set me on the retrospect mode plus inspired me to write such an offbeat few lines.
Enjoy it & don’t complain that length of my posts is shortening day by day.
(Engineers only stress on quality hmm & not quantity)

As I tread on this lonely path, I search that glimpse of happiness.
As I make the move, I look for the guiding light.
As I wink my eyes, I verify I didn’t ignore the blessing.
As I take rest, I hope I didn’t miss the opportunity
Tired & weary as I move on & on, I realize that there’s no end & there I see the infinity.
And then slowly I get the ANSWERS, slowly I find my decision.
Now …I would
Neither seek nor search.
Neither desire nor gain
Neither wish nor shout
Neither find nor attain.
Now…I’ve found my NIRVANA.

P.S It’s just the influence of the book & I haven’t left worldly ties so don’t worry for the NIRVANA thing.

Priceless LIFE.

Mumbai mayhem is over. Positive aftermaths & actions have begun.
As I sit here miles away from that place, I have come to know how it all has changed my perception towards life. Never ever did I realize that every moment holds a story to it & we never know which of these can be a bad one? I am moved emotionally & mentally only to find more importance of life. Laid down below are some words I have written for my own self. You may not find these words sane. You may not understand the post If this be the case then apologies beforehand.

This small world with so many people present in it. Of which few faces I know.
Of these few ones some I love…I adore… I respect… I worship…I like…I despise…
But they all comprise my own smaller world. And I never gave it a thought that this beautiful dream of mine is so vulnerable. While I may be busy collecting sunshine for my world I may fail to see the stars already there.
Now that I’ve come to know, I’ve also learn how precious each day (that goes off well) is. And I’ve also realized why in school at morning prayers, we used to thank God for even the food we eat & the breath we take.
From now onwards “living” for me ………
Is not about adding years to my life,
It’s about adding life to those years.
And about my world ……I treasure it more then ever before.