Amazing Grace!

Amazing sweet the sound.
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I am found.
Was blind but now I see.

I don't remember the writer of this hymn but I do love & remember these words that I had learn when I was in the school choir.
At that time it was just a song which we mugged up hard only to win the singing competition. But now I do realize the sentiments BEHIND and BEYOND it.
There's so much depth & so much self realization in these words. Every iota of it is valid on me at this point of time. I was lost for sure....and I am fortunately saved now.

Life in the past few weeks has been quite mess & low to me. So much so that I actually doubted the things I believe in & the faith I live by. I was left in a dark stage where I questioned my own choices & decision.

Anyways now I am as good as ever & as confident as I am.
But I have here a question to ask.

*******What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?*******

[My answer: I feel it's my enthusiasm to dream of better days that help me come out of darker ones]

P.S Do find time to answer this question of mine. Heartfelt apologies to my blogger friends for my inability to respond on time to their posts.

The Gold Old Days

There are some moments in life which are difficult to beat
& they just overpower us taking us back, down the memory lane
& leaving us reminiscent. How less do we get the time to cherish the priceless childhood memories? The treasured time which is now pass.
But whenever I think of it ….I feel a smile on my face & happiness in my heart. Remember those old gold days when…

We played in mud but didn’t catch any germs. “Ahh me & Reena used to prepare khana (food) with sand on our kitchen set”

Drank water from the garden tap & “safe drinking water” was a word unheard. “And in summers this water used to be so hot, yet it quenched our thirst”

The stolen guava from the neighbor’s house tasted the sweetest. “Aunty used to dread about we playing beside her house”

We had no play station & our kho kho team was left incomplete if any of the friends had a class test. “Yipee & our team mostly won”

Summer holidays meant whole day of play & we didn’t noticed our sun burns.

In school, the last period of the day felt like the longest. “We used to eagerly wait for bell to ring & run to the ice-cream vala outside”

It was a treat if someday mother gave a five rupee instead of lunch to have Bun-Tikki in the canteen. “We shared it & I used to get only a bite of it, but it was yummy”

We used to write in the best of our hand writing only to get a star in the class work copy. “And if Isha got 1 star more than me then…..ohh it didn’t make me cry but I did use to feel bad”

Mario was the only video game known. “I always lost to my brother”

It was a matter of pride to become the monitor of the class. “Oops I was made one….coz I was the talkative student around”

And remember how happy we used to be when teacher wrote those 4 words in our diary
Tomorrow is a holiday. “I tell you it was the best purpose for which a school diary was ever used”

Oh my memories are countless & I can keep on writing endlessly on this. Therefore I think I should end this spree herein.

But all you dear friends if you miss even an iota of those oldie Goldie days then don’t forget to say 3 CHEERS to it.
HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!