Richly Rich

With inventions touching us everywhere we humans have centered our lives across materialistic attainment. We have made ourselves to believe that happiness quotient in life is directly proportional to monetary & material benefits. We crave for things as if its the only purpose we are here for. Our LIFE is not granted to splurge on material pleasures of this world. In fact they were only created to simplify matters in life & not conquer them.
Owing to the above traits I think there are two kinds of people in this world.
The Richly Rich & The Poorly Rich
Both have same means & resource to lead LIFE but still they are different due to their perception towards LIFE.
Richly Rich are those who find joy in the pettiest of things. They live every moment happily with positivity in their stride. Poorly Rich are those who will grudge & complaint for what they do not have & will fail to realize what they already possess.
Richly rich will always notice stars in darkness whereas Poorly Rich will cry for the dark.
Picture this,
Richly Rich : " I feel like making my mother feel special. Wow Diamonds will rock. But I cannot afford it right now.....Let's gift her a fancy watch"
Poorly Rich : " I feel like making my mother feel special. Wow Diamonds will rock. But I cannot afford it right now.....I never have enough money to fulfill all my plans....fine then I should wait for sometime later."

Got the difference .....its only perception. A same thing but two different ways to view it.
So what category you fall in? Richly Rich or Poorly Rich.
If its the latter then it's still time to mend ways & trudge on the road to glory.
But does this mean we should stop aiming for higher goals in life? In fact such an approach will hinder our growth. The answer is NO....we should not stop setting higher goals.
It's only that while we strive & continue to meet our higher desires we should not forget to halt each day & rejoice the existing ones.
This is the secret of happy living. Oops it's no more a secret. I have disclosed it.
Nevertheless we should all learn to be Richly Rich.
After all LIFE is too precious. Lets make it simple. Break the complexes & LIVE the today, RICHLY.

Now That I am Back...

Hello all ... my lovely dear friends. I have so much to say to you all, but don’t know from where to start. I am sorry for this untold absenteeism from Blogger space. I have reasons & explanations but now that I am back lets not indulge in all that’s passé.
All that I want you all to know is that I missed you all tremendously. Even while I was not writing I did visited your blog space to read your posts
Anyways it’s a fresh start for me now & it’s a bit different.
In my previous stint with bloggers I learnt that I drifted because of my inability to catch up with you all via comments & replies.
So this time I am here with some changes. I love writing in my blog & reading yours.
I will continue to do so but I will not be keeping up with the comments & feedback thing. This means I will not have comment section in my posts I may not be posting comments over your lovely posts either But I would be surely reading them all.
Oops I know you will miss my expert comments but remember you will be under vigilance (Just kidding)
Nonetheless….we write what we feel & that’s what makes us happy the most!
So cheers to all & thanks for being a part of my world.

Lots of love,

Greetings of the Festive season!

Dear friends,
My best wishes of the festival to you.
Have a Happy colorful as gulal,
as joyous as spring, as spicy as golgappas,
as tasty as ghujias, as rocking as life.
So just drown in the spirit of the festival & Enjoy!

P.S I am going home for Holi. I will not be visiting my blog & will not be able to moderate comments either. Hence I have disabled them.
Oh for those who want to wish me.....well close your eyes & say your wishes. I bet it will reach me!

The Pink in Blues

I am my own self & not what the world want to see.
I am not this body, instead I am the soul.
Beyond life is my destiny, behind stars is my joy.
Darkness cannot reach me as I fly to touch my ground.
My happiness is divine & my deeds humane.
As I stand at the verge, TODAY is waiting to embrace me.
The vigor know no bounds. I am ready to surge ahead.
Let me win what I failed to achieve, let me try what I forgot to achieve, let me start what I ignored to achieve.
Let me be me.
Shining with goodness & twinkling with mirth I stand & decide….
This is my vision & it will show me the light.

P.S this is what comes out from a person who is happy & brimming with hopes.
Hey just kidding.
LIFE for me is certainly NOT in the pink of everything. Its not that I want something …..its just that Life is in a blue(4 reasons unknown) . All in all I am stuck, so I felt why not try the “Reverse therapy“ (now don’t ask me what it technically means ….I felt it was appropriate for this situation, so I used it.) And thus I wrote this infectiously happy note to tell life…”Hey look I have colored your blues in pink”
(Now what does PINK stands for …hmm I may not be making sense in this post but lets say….. Pink here signifies happiness)