The Gold Old Days

There are some moments in life which are difficult to beat
& they just overpower us taking us back, down the memory lane
& leaving us reminiscent. How less do we get the time to cherish the priceless childhood memories? The treasured time which is now pass.
But whenever I think of it ….I feel a smile on my face & happiness in my heart. Remember those old gold days when…

We played in mud but didn’t catch any germs. “Ahh me & Reena used to prepare khana (food) with sand on our kitchen set”

Drank water from the garden tap & “safe drinking water” was a word unheard. “And in summers this water used to be so hot, yet it quenched our thirst”

The stolen guava from the neighbor’s house tasted the sweetest. “Aunty used to dread about we playing beside her house”

We had no play station & our kho kho team was left incomplete if any of the friends had a class test. “Yipee & our team mostly won”

Summer holidays meant whole day of play & we didn’t noticed our sun burns.

In school, the last period of the day felt like the longest. “We used to eagerly wait for bell to ring & run to the ice-cream vala outside”

It was a treat if someday mother gave a five rupee instead of lunch to have Bun-Tikki in the canteen. “We shared it & I used to get only a bite of it, but it was yummy”

We used to write in the best of our hand writing only to get a star in the class work copy. “And if Isha got 1 star more than me then…..ohh it didn’t make me cry but I did use to feel bad”

Mario was the only video game known. “I always lost to my brother”

It was a matter of pride to become the monitor of the class. “Oops I was made one….coz I was the talkative student around”

And remember how happy we used to be when teacher wrote those 4 words in our diary
Tomorrow is a holiday. “I tell you it was the best purpose for which a school diary was ever used”

Oh my memories are countless & I can keep on writing endlessly on this. Therefore I think I should end this spree herein.

But all you dear friends if you miss even an iota of those oldie Goldie days then don’t forget to say 3 CHEERS to it.
HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!



I still drink water from the garden tap.
Its phuuunn!! :)
This was a sweet post..and a good one for beggining 2009..

Where've you been btw?


this reminds me of a poem by Chris Morley .

The greatest poem ever known
Is one all poets have outgrown:
The poetry, innate, untold,
Of being only four years old.

hmm ..those were the days ..

Nice Post ! As Always .


REMINISCENCE!!!! Feels good...doesn't it???


hey i wish those good old days were back again..
a nice post dear..we all livd our childhood in smwat a similar way..


i am with you on each and everyone of those days!! to relive life will be to be relive just those days!!

HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!



Arunima, if i say i envy you it wudn be a lie. maybe i never had so much of fun or maybe i did. but i sure din have a childhood like this and how i miss it :( lv u for this post. take care.

c'est la vie

ohh, really those were the days, i used to be nuts.


that was d cutest :)

Neha was so sweet !!!!!! Thanx Aru to remind us that part of our lives..... :)


ur post took me on a journey to my childhood days. I too always lost to my brother in videogames.
which is ur favourite playstation game title.


These r the times I miss the most! I dun think we'll ever live them again. But the memories bring tears of joy to my eyes. U wrote this so beautifully Arunima I cried hehe...HUGS!

**It was a treat if someday mother gave a five rupee instead of lunch to have Bun-Tikki in the canteen

I so rem how much I treasured the occasional pocket money I got from mum. These days kids get money every single day and they hv become greedy for money even at a very young age. Sad as!

I love the true innocence that's shining thru this post.



Luvly post :)

koi lauta de vo..


just that,i was expecting more from ur side.ok u never got hurt while playing in childhood,and after that insisting your mom/dad to have johnson bandage with only micky mouse/donald pics on it,and after that in school showing that bandage to ur frnds.:) :)


ahhh... I think about that return to innocence a lot too :)

well written mate... cheers...


Much like Sawan, I don't have too many memories of my school. About my childhood and my home, yes, but not about school.

Well, it was fun reading someone else's school memories for a change!

comfortably numb

ohh dose days....going to school early so v cud grab a game b4 classes start....finishing xam papers early so v could hit the ground for a game of cricket...
sharing tiffin....bunking classes on th epretext of extra curricular activities....what not v did *sigh*


hmm it's a warm start.

Well i ws here only bt sumhow was nt able 2 blog much.
bt it feels luvly being back.


hey u put across a nice poem.
U r quite aware of such literary things....
Thanks 4 the praise.



thanks dear


yes 3 cheers 2 it.

u r right it wud b lovely 2 relive those daz.


Hey dear every childhood is special in it's own way.
urs was nt like this bt it's still a treasure in sum way.
so 3 Cheers to it!


yeah actually!!!

Thanks 4 visiting:)


thank U:)

ya sweety.


hey good that i was able 2 revive ur memories.

Well i don't play video station anymore...yeah bt I help to develop them(i mean the softwares)


thanks a ton dear... for the warm words u have put here.

i am happy to find that i was able 2 revive all ur childhood memories.
yeah u r right nwadaz kids r spoilt brat who dun care 4 money.



well no.
i nvr insisted 4 the mickey mouse band-aid.
i did insisted 4 the mickey mouse umbrella:)




hey i will say the same words i have told Sawan
"every childhood is special in it's own way.
urs was nt like this bt it's still a treasure in sum way."


@Comfortably numb
yeah i remember...
the boys of our class used 2 do the same thing.
Ahh they played evn during interval b/w 2 exams.

aqua gurl

my my....makes me think of all i did in summers as a kid....mario.....wao the best....and school....awesome:)

very cute post:)

Rex Venom

Very nice thoughts.
Ones that we should all remember to think more often.
Rock on!


in summer holiday we used to watch that animation clip of ek anek. remember...and on sunday morning HeMAN show and then Ramayan by sagar brother.

here is the of that clip


Oh nice. Its always a wonderful feeling :)

Hobo ........ ........

Thumbs-Up !


hey Arunima,

wow post :) got me to my memories of school, the vacations, summer and christmas one, the super sundays spent in watching epic serials, the chitrahaars and the yeh jo hai jindagi episodes on old good DD, the homework, the exams fever, everything that relates to the kid days....

not to forget the daily dose of gully cricket and fights with my cousins and sisters :))


Three Cheers!


its gr8 feeling indeed. :) Hey drop by my blog when i hav the time.


@Aqua gurl
thanks sweety!


Thanks 4 visiting.


I used to watch Rangoli on sundays




I am happy that my post is able 2 revive so many of ur childhood memories.






Enriching .... CHILDHOOD
Everyones GOLDEN days.

U laugh out ur heart, nd play n run as long as u can hold breath.

Mario was my fav......

And Imli's from my Nani's neighbour really tasted like I haven't had ever .........

And tanning ... who damn cares !!!!!!!!

But we r so changed ... lost to d world .... so unreal !!!!!

But yeah still ... memories revive and revitalize us ... so hold on

CHEERS .......

HiP hIp HuRrAy!!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!!!
HiP hIp HuRrAy!!!!!

Hemanth Potluri

pretty neat post arunima dear...:) old days are always in our memories never to forget them :)..



This one is a message resting in my Inbox

"Only 2 persons r very happy in dis world, a MAD Person & a CHILD
Be a MAD to achieve what we desire & be a CHILD to enjoy it without worries..."


I liked ur diary usage :)

great great post!


Update update update.
Visit visit visit :P

Hemanth Potluri

wer is update arunima dear :)....have a gr8 republic day :)..



hey there's something waiting for u on my blog. So do drop by.


I am happy to know that this post did revive ur memories as well.

yeah imli r just 2 yum 2 resist.

And ya we r lost in this world bt we can still find time in our lives 2 cherish these gold daz.


thanks dear...
yeah i vil update soon.

Dr Roshan R

a lovely post.. really lovely blog too


bachpan chala gaya te jawani chali gayi,
Zindagi di kimti nishani chali gayi

This words in punjabi clearly depicts what you feel.The childhood days are treasures for everybody...the best part in them was innocence which really fades away with time.The small-small things which you gave example of are more precious than anything else in life.Reading your blog,I returned to my days of innocence,where the world seemed so nice,restricted yet vast,less but more,and definitely joyful.The bizzare world was away from us then,everyone seemed to be a camerederie of ours and the aplomb much higher with issues in our not-so-deadly restricted world of ours.I still remember the time---pura din bahar cricket with mummy running behind for lunch.....the tutions along with my sis,the diwali gathering of all my cousins,The Rangoli special with special Aloo ka paranthas by mom,the letter from home when I was in Hostel in Dehradun,that one room house where the life seemed so good though the house number was 302(just kidding),the story of apparition by ma,grandma seemed rather fascinating than untrue....I may keep on writing about those days till the time someone gets filled with ire for me(again kidding).
Great made me gather those olden days of mine.