Amazing Grace!

Amazing sweet the sound.
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I am found.
Was blind but now I see.

I don't remember the writer of this hymn but I do love & remember these words that I had learn when I was in the school choir.
At that time it was just a song which we mugged up hard only to win the singing competition. But now I do realize the sentiments BEHIND and BEYOND it.
There's so much depth & so much self realization in these words. Every iota of it is valid on me at this point of time. I was lost for sure....and I am fortunately saved now.

Life in the past few weeks has been quite mess & low to me. So much so that I actually doubted the things I believe in & the faith I live by. I was left in a dark stage where I questioned my own choices & decision.

Anyways now I am as good as ever & as confident as I am.
But I have here a question to ask.

*******What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?*******

[My answer: I feel it's my enthusiasm to dream of better days that help me come out of darker ones]

P.S Do find time to answer this question of mine. Heartfelt apologies to my blogger friends for my inability to respond on time to their posts.



my ability to see the silver lining of the dark cloud keeps me goin in the dark phase.

comfortably numb

can understand...v all go through such phases...gr8 that u cud overcome it and are now back...
What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?
"hope is a good thing, probably the best of things and no good thing ever dies."
tk care!!!


nice to know you are good now. we all go through those moments. and most of us never forget to spring back!

to answer your question, i think it is faith in oneself. that is the first step towards walking towards that door or the lil window!!



o ji arunimaji, ki hoya ? u downji?not good thing ok ?

dont give up backin urself and see all d be fine :)

keep up the sunny phase and u d be alright

Hemanth Potluri

light follows the darkness...frnds are there wat ever happens...we are there arunima dear...hope stands beside u always :)..



Hey dear that's a positive approach to follow.
I wish that these silver linings continue 2 show u the light.


@comfortably numb
Well now that's a round answer.
Saim u could have answered it more straight.


Yeah you r correct.
Faith in oneself is crucial for the well being of a mind in trying times.


Hey thanks for the wishes but dear where is the answer 2 my Qn????



Thanks dear for the warm words...

Hemu you forgot 2 answer the Question.
Still I vil wait 4 the reply.

Aqua gurl

gurl...i have fond memories with this song.....!!!! love it when they play it at church, one of my favs, and why boring weekend:(

aqua gurl

What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?

- you answered it yourself!!!

Its hope that can alone keep you going, thats what i see from my dark times, its the hope that one day things wud be alright..!!!

Hope that makes sense.


Exactly..Its the hope that life on the other side of the ocean has better things for us and its just awaiting our arrival after we surpass all those grey moments..

I ges everyone lives by HOPE..

Intersting thoughts,great a first timer ere..

am blogrollin ya.. :)

take care..


dreams da... dreams are what keep me going :)

Glad that you are back now :)

take care... cheers...


John Newton was the writer of this song... he was a ship captain.. later he became a priest...

i remember singing this one with my grand dad when i was young...

and after that a lot of times in family prayer and church....

to answer your question...

the faith that i have on my Lord Jesus makes me walk in darkness...


nice work first of all.. now,i feel even if we dont have a 'ray of hope' after the darkness that we can see, we cant just succumb to the dark phases just cos we see no hope ahead.. we have to find our way through and expect our hardwork will bear fruit.. thats life !!


@Aqua gurl
Its nice 2know that this song is a part of ur fond memories as well.

yes u r correct....hope does keep us going.


Hey welcome here & thanks for the comment.

Yeah hope is the biggest help in times of adversity.
Keep visiting.


Wow dreamzzzz
Am a dreamer too.


Thanks for the reply 7 welcome 2 my blog.
good that u told the writers name....thanks for that too.
yeah "faith" in GOD is a strength.


Welcome 2 my blog & thanks for the reply.

hmm hard work alwaz pays.


I believe in myself and so that keeps me going.. :) :)


Every place or situation which is darkened has a source of light innit..even if it takes a hell of time to get to the source of do get it in the end.
Nice post :)

(Pleeease post more often! :()


"the greatest test on earth is to bear lows without loosing ur calm"..
the darker side is the that ray guides u to a new beginning..with lotz of prior experiences..
take care sweety..
luv :)


Hey A,

Not sure if u like Celine dion, but while looking for some songs for my blog i came across this playlist which has song "Amazing grace" which is incidentally title of ur post...

so may be the song from dione is saame or may be diff, but then this playlist is my gift to u :)

small token to cheer u up, though hardly it cud but still!!

Neha Maheshwari

Its u n many more people around me who help me to come out of dark phase of ma life......... N most important is our cab gang I really lov u gals n guys..............

Prashant Singh

"What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?"

this might sound weird but what keeps me going is the fact that I am still alive . that means there is some still purpose left in my life . and i try to find out what that purpose is .

I don't want to toot my own horn too much but sometime back i wrote something on dealing with similar situation . hope you will find that helpful .

thats a cute Anime pic . you like Anime ?


What ray of hope keeps you going in the dark phase of your life?

My dreams and a hope that this dark phase is temporary...I just have to hold on for a little while...a true belief in the almighty...


Good 2 know that:)



hey dear....u said it right.
every tunnel has a light at the end of it.

yeah sweety I shall do so!



Thanks 4 us answer. It surely speaks lot of positivity.


Hey dear my heartfelt thanks 2 you for the gift.
I am touched:)

I will surely listen to it....lets c if its the same song!


Oouch that's a warm answer...but sweety I think u 4got 2 mention one more name in specific.

Ahemm hope u got vat I meant.


Yeah it does sound anyways if that is what keeps u going then so be it.

Yes i do like Anime pics..


Alok u r correct in ur thinking.
Good 2 know that.
every thing is temp n does come 2 an end sumday.


I don't feel there are any dark phases at all. Life does not bring any bad things with it. It is just that people make their perception about things they experience and categorize them as good or bad.

To live happily is to just stop making perceptions about life, and just stop thinking about what is good or what is bad.

Hobo ........ ........ ........

When I look past I find many times that were very unpredictable and painful and I crossed the same. May be that is what keeps me going in the dark phase of life?
All days pass by one by one and then one day...
Alvida !


I just have a different take on might or might not agree

Today is not the way you want it and so was not yesterday - but you are expecting tomorrow to be what you are doing is constantly living in anticipation of tomorrow and collecting todays that will be yesterdays tomorrow...

why not live today as is be happy in whatever you have...light or darkness whatever is dished will be able to handle it


kitthe ho tussi? u r being missed in the blog world

Prashant Singh

you have quite a big fan following in blogsphere . I am in awe .


Well u r correct in ur own sense. if u take life 2 b like that then may b its like dat 4 u.
We c ....all that we allow our mind 2 notice.


ahaa well said!


Well i dont agree 2 u but I respect ur thinking.
i feel that there r times ven life just sucks no matter how positive we try 2 think.
that's vat i call the dark phase.


Hmm yahi hun.....
I have so many things 2 share vid u all.
Vil update soon:)


I am flaunted 2 here that.
(Taking a bow: Thank U)


I respect your honest opinion and believe me I have been thru this phase of non not trying to prove any point just sharing smg that helped me...

Yes we all have dark days...and they will be there...its a given cause we have agreed to live life....

the one way is when you are down and out is just look around and you will find someone in a much worse condition than you are might or might not help depending on how sensitive a person is....

Prashant Singh

Nah I am serious . I am thinking of taking your autograph before you become a celebrity blogger. :)


you r free 2 believe vatevr u want but don't u think this approach is wrong.
Its better 2 find solutions by one's positivity & not by comparing on other misfortunes.
Its jst like saying "thank GoD atleast I am nt in that bad a stage as sum xyz"


R u kidding me?
hah carry a note book then ....nxt time in case u find me in Tower C don 4get 2 ask 4 it!!!!!


My ray of hope are the people, who look up to me and have faith in my abilities, people who don't let me break down, because they make me realise, that I have promises to keep...


lately ive trained myself to think positively, to smile at my worries. I write when I am low and that helps me move on. :)


Hey thanks 4 the reply.
Good to know abt it!


yeah writing is a good stress buster.


great!! nicely written...

Am adding u as a friend :)


I rewind the picture of life... Think about the up and downs of my life... N feels that this phase will become change to past soon....
One more thing... I keep saying to myself if such days will not be there how can enjoy the good ones...
Without bad there is no good...