A new beginning, a new year!

Celebrations are in the air. New Year fervor is on & a brand new year is ready to shine at us.

A new year is here, to embrace us with love & joy, with a new beginning, with endless possibilities, with higher hopes & with bigger dreams.
And at such a time what else can I say besides greetings & prayers.

So here’s coming loads of wishes all your way. Oops careful it’s an overflow.
My dear friends,
May all the happiness of this world come to you & make your life beautiful. May you get whatever you aim (& work hard) for. May all your dreams turn true & you excel in every field of life
I wish you a good health, peaceful mind & a happy life.
God bless you & your loved ones.



Past weekend was quite unlike others. I was completely at ease basking in the warmth of winter’s sunlight. I had no plans of going along with friends etc. Actually this was my much needed break because since Diwali all my weekends were occupied with parties, shopping, visiting relatives & other places & so on. So I was quite happy that I would be all by myself on this one. And yes my expectations were met & I spent the weekend lazily….sleeping, eating & chatting on phone. I did read a spiritual book and you know what it influenced me quite a lot. If you haven’t guessed it till now I must tell that it did set me on the retrospect mode plus inspired me to write such an offbeat few lines.
Enjoy it & don’t complain that length of my posts is shortening day by day.
(Engineers only stress on quality hmm & not quantity)

As I tread on this lonely path, I search that glimpse of happiness.
As I make the move, I look for the guiding light.
As I wink my eyes, I verify I didn’t ignore the blessing.
As I take rest, I hope I didn’t miss the opportunity
Tired & weary as I move on & on, I realize that there’s no end & there I see the infinity.
And then slowly I get the ANSWERS, slowly I find my decision.
Now …I would
Neither seek nor search.
Neither desire nor gain
Neither wish nor shout
Neither find nor attain.
Now…I’ve found my NIRVANA.

P.S It’s just the influence of the book & I haven’t left worldly ties so don’t worry for the NIRVANA thing.

Priceless LIFE.

Mumbai mayhem is over. Positive aftermaths & actions have begun.
As I sit here miles away from that place, I have come to know how it all has changed my perception towards life. Never ever did I realize that every moment holds a story to it & we never know which of these can be a bad one? I am moved emotionally & mentally only to find more importance of life. Laid down below are some words I have written for my own self. You may not find these words sane. You may not understand the post If this be the case then apologies beforehand.

This small world with so many people present in it. Of which few faces I know.
Of these few ones some I love…I adore… I respect… I worship…I like…I despise…
But they all comprise my own smaller world. And I never gave it a thought that this beautiful dream of mine is so vulnerable. While I may be busy collecting sunshine for my world I may fail to see the stars already there.
Now that I’ve come to know, I’ve also learn how precious each day (that goes off well) is. And I’ve also realized why in school at morning prayers, we used to thank God for even the food we eat & the breath we take.
From now onwards “living” for me ………
Is not about adding years to my life,
It’s about adding life to those years.
And about my world ……I treasure it more then ever before.

Mumbai Burning.

As I write this post I have……
Multiple emotions but no words,
Thousand feelings but no expression,
Severe anger but no answer.

With scarred soul & a tearful heart, I have nothing to blame, nothing to claim, and nothing to be sure of, nothing to rely for. What is already lost can not be restored by any means.
The lost lives, of the innocent & the brave heart, the mental trauma of the survivors, the shock of the witness & the shattered hopes of we the spectators, nothing can be reverted.
Yes it will heal with time but this scar on nation can never be erased.
God give them, the power to bear this suffering & means to live with the loss.
And Mumbai... yes it will rise to stand tall again.

.......forever more!

It was the darkest evening ever………….though the light of thunder, sound of storm, there was none.
Tears rolled my cheeks, my eyes stared onto his cold face, in dismay. I felt as if the moment freezed when he uttered the words “We can’t be together anymore”. How can I fail, how can I loose in my biggest bargain. It was about my life my very existence which to me mattered no more. I gave up everything for love & today love gave up on me.
Hopeless & vulnerable as I stood there, he turned his back & went ahead; leaving everything behind, even me.
Shattered though I was but heart failed to believe what ears just heard. My promise was broken………I thought of the words he did not keep….......that he would love me forever more. I closed my eyes to feel the pain.

PS: The 1st comment I received for this post is quite weird. Therefore I would like to say "This post is just a figment of my imagination & has nothing to do with my actual life"

Thy God!

I asked God to fulfill my wish
He said “I’ve given you dreams to follow.”
I asked God to take away my pains,
He said “I’ve given you the strength to end them up.”
I asked God to give me luck & happiness
He said “I’ve given you a beautiful life to live.”
I asked God to lead me to the right path
He said “that your deeds will decide.”
Oh thy God you have left everything on me?
He said “In you lies me, on a weary path to show you the light.”

Play Safe!!

Gentle Warning: I don't know whether I am writing this post to vent out my current frustration but one thing is sure, it may not be a pleasant reading for everybody.
If you are just not in mood to read/share somebody's emotional baggage, kindly stop.

If one fine Saturday morning, you wake up to find your friends SMS in your inbox, what would be your first reaction?
Happy assumptions right…may be she has plans for shopping today, or may be she has got the tickets for the newly released movie we planned to go.
You open the message & you read …Crap!!!
This is what exactly happened to me. Past weekend, I got this message from my friend asking me to check out a website where my user profile was making rounds.

I hurriedly did that to find that in this funky, useless fashion site, there existed a profile with the most idiotic & annoying profile information & to top all that with my photo & name in the profile.

Goodness gracious me!!!!
Who the hell did that, was my first reaction. But did it actually matter who did that, I wondered! Every visitor to that site would consider it to be me……..oh me????????

A greater surprise was that the picture used there was the one I had put on blogger.
I cursed myself for doing it.
At some corner of the world there exist some devilish elements that do things which do no good to anybody. Why do such things happen in the first place? In this fast life of tough competition how do few get time to indulge in such nonsense acts?

Damn them all. I still ponder…when this world will become a beautiful place to live in with no ugly side to it. I know there’s no answer to it but only precautions on our part. Period!

Thankfully my woes are over for now. After submitting two applications & an identity proof, the complaint has finally been considered by the administration people of the site & the account deleted.

Hmm the lesson:
My dear blogger friends all I want to suggest is avoid use of close up photographs on your account. I learnt it the hard way & so am sharing it with you. Rest as you wish.
Better still, PLAY SAFE PLAY COOL.

Sprinkling mirth!!!

(Hey friends I was absent from blogosphere as I had gone home for Diwali. Hope you all had a sparkling & happy festive celebrations)

Past week was geared up with celebrations & fun. I enjoyed it all & in midst of all the joy I got this special thought to share with all. Festivals nowadays are not just a religious, social ceremony for people, but much more beyond that.
The happiness, the free spirit, the gladness, the gaiety, the fun & the colors that come with it, all are so precious. I just love our festivals. They make our life so beautiful & rocking. Of late the recession thing had toned down everybody’s spirit, specially the corporate ones. Being from corporate world I know how we were actually living with this bearish slump. The meager appraisals & fear of job cuts had engulfed everybody in sadness.
But then came the festival time, bringing celebrations in the air. And everyone forgot their worries though momentarily but at least they did. The following lines express my thoughts aptly-

A sprinkling lot of mirth ,
Cascaded from heaven to earth.
Oh weary hearts be gay,
It’s a joyous day today.

Festivals bring so much spark & liveliness. Meeting all dear ones, praying & worshiping Gods, decorating our sweet home, exchanging gifts, calling old friends, having lavish feasts, attending festive functions & much more. In simplest of words festival means just being happy altogether.
Yeah and on this high note, I end this post. And I wish & hope that these festive celebrations always & forever lit up our lives & brim it with joy.

Dark Temptation

A temptation in literal terms means an act that looks appealing to an individual & which may make oneself feel lack of self control. It may or may not refer to acts with good connotations. Oh hold on before you make any presumptions let me tell you what this post is all about. Well I was reading this newspaper when I saw the advertisement of AXE Dark temptation (for those who don’t know: Dark Temptation is a new fragrance launched by AXE & their catch line is “Inspired by what women love most…..chocolate”
Hmm interesting!

Before you start reading ahead this is to tell you that you’ll need to answer two questions given below & if you think you will read & then decide whether to answer them then please stop. And yeah be true to yourself!

Now here starts the thinking part…this ad kept me pondering over two things
“What women love the most?” &
“What’s the 1st thing that comes to mind on hearing the word dark temptation?”
Finally I have my answer( again with no offenses to anybody)

I think what women love most is to be admired my others (including other women)
Their desire for new attire, their inclination for jewels, their thirst to follow fashion trends and blah blah blah … all these desires ultimately have one conclusion. Whether they were praised for the latest hair style or for the expensive ring, for the artistic furniture or for the fancy house, the ultimate gain from all this at the end of the day is admiration of others.

Hey the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear of word dark temptation is
My love, my man!

So what are you waiting for, turn on to the comments page & answer the above two questions. No cheating…just speak your mind, even if it reveals the dark side of you.
Go ahead…

I forgot to live...

When I came into this world I knew nothing of my own self.
I did not choose my gender or color or parents or name.
As I grew I began to know ME as an identity, to know my wishes, my dreams, my aims & so the journey began.

As a kid I was dying to score better marks & gave all my time to tuition teachers. I forgot, to play in the sun, to make castles of mud, to stroll on the outside lane, to…

As I grew up, I was dying to make something of my career. I devoted all my time to studies.
I forgot to attend my cousin’s birthday, to chat with my friends, to walk with the wind, to…

When I went to college, I was dying to get a job, yeah the best one. I forgot to celebrate every little joy present in my world, to freak with my friends, to spend time in the college canteen, to…

Today that I think I’ve made my existence, I am dying to get a bigger job, a better life, a beautiful future. I look back to find the remains of the days past by, all shallow. Where are those beautiful moments which I could have lived with my loved ones in the gone years.Now I realize that while I was dying to attain my goals I forgot so many things. I forgot to laugh, to love, to cry, to sing, to dance & so on. I just forgot to live. While I ran blindly to touch my tomorrow, I forgot to live my today.

Yeah life continually gives us more gifts then what we can fathom, it’s only our perception that matters. We should live our today & feel every moment of it. It doesn’t mean that one should stop planning for the future or one should stop setting their goals. It only means that we should learn to relish every moment. Today is our gift that’s why it’s called present.

And now that I’ve realized this folly of mine I’ve promised myself that I will
Live everyday, love more, laugh often.

10 reasons why a husband is better then a boyfriend!

Well this is kind of different compared to my last post but I can call it just the musing of an idle mind. Today is a holiday(yipee it's Dusshera today) & in midst of all the festive colors & joy I felt of writing such a post. Strange enough. Anyways!

Disclaimer: The ideas laid down are my own with no offense to anybody & they are simply not inspired from some greeting card or poster or whatever that nowadays do flash messages of these sorts.

A hubby over boyfriend(10 reasons)

  1. They don’t crib when you turn up late for the cine show.
  2. Your mother like them.
  3. They like you in whichever way you dress & show no inclination of wanting you to wear ultra mini’s or skin hugging add-ons.
  4. You can carry their credit cards as your own.
  5. They don’t flaunt you in front of some macho hunk that passes them by in the shopping mall.
  6. They find you cute when you wake up in the morning with all makeup undone.
  7. They always let you win the argument.
  8. They send you flowers even if you complain of their not so toned look & that they need a daily workout at the gym.
  9. They love you even when you lie ill at bed & forget to give the good night kiss.
  10. Last but not the least husbands are better then boyfriends because they keep their promise to love you, protect you & make your world beautiful forever.

Eat,drink,breathe money!

We live in an age of flaunted indifference, infected by the “Not in my backyard” syndrome. We rob earth of the most rich of it’s resources, be it air, water or land. But when it comes to safeguarding them, it just becomes somebody else’s job. And me too is no different otherwise I would not have been here writing this post & spilling my frustration all over. Imagine this -- there’s a book on “101 ways to make money” & then there’s another on “help to keep your environment clean” which one would we choose? Probability of the former being chosen is more.
What crap? How can we shut the doors to this outer world of which we are very much a part?
I do nothing when I see uncountable tissue papers, A4 sheets, paper glasses getting wasted in my organization. Wonder how many trees went into it’s making! I do nothing when I see all night celebrations in the neighborhood park & then the remains of it (read leftovers) the rest of the days.
We will never take the initiative until we get to bear it. This is what I call as “not in my backyard” syndrome. I don’t know if we will wake up before it’s too late & do something to save our mother earth.
Or may be…..
It reminds me of some lines I read years ago-
It’s only after the last river has been poisoned,
It’s only after the last tree has been cut,
It’s only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then we will come to know that money can’t be eaten.


I just won’t take the pain you put me through.
I hate to hate but I am forced to do. These temporary blues…they’re unbearable.
I feel so lonely at times, running nowhere with this world. Things around me, yeah I always wanted life to be so colorful but sometimes it gets so weird, feels so heavy.
How come the people whom we most want be so selfish at times, leaving you all by yourself when you need them the most? Even tears shy away to fall. I am confused, it’s all mess.
Wish I could fly away . I promise myself I will save myself from these mood swings, but it always overpowers me making me feel miserable. Damn it!

Friends 4ever

Life is a pendulum between a smile & a tear. Full of love, believe & fear.
It becomes a blessing & a gift, when there are people like you in it.
You are one of those special few, like the clear drops of dew.
Even time will fail to change, my respectful fondness for you.
You bring me joy & reasons to smile
May this friendship be as long as river Nile.

So dear you are that gift to me. People often say that a man’s age is counted by the friends he keep. But I have a different perspective. I don’t make friends easily. For me friendship is a serious, honest, & emotional affair. Therefore I don’t make but rather choose friends.
And here is this note that comes your way to say-
“Thanks Neha for being a friend to me”

You have been a guide when I lost my way, a sister when I lost my calm, a support when I needed it the most, a hope when I spiraled into confusion, a peer when we shared every laugh, to sum up in my words, you have been a true friend. Your sweet smile, your caring hand, your measured advice, your calculated decisions, your happy spirit, your wise nature, your attractive charm, your devoted efforts, it all makes you special in your own way.

There’s fragrance of joy that we spread when we are together. Our childish laugh, our silly talks, those poor jokes, that shopping spree, the not so good freak outs, our photo sessions, rocking DJ nights & naughty arguments…endless list. It’s all so memorable. And no matter wherever we go in the future your imprints will always be in my heart.


The immortal, what it is? Will I someway find it ever?
Is it a path of life or so, when everything you come to know.
A feeling so intense or power so strong.
While I live & struggle to make my space, it dawns on me to know it by face.
I think I can have it in me, which the common beings can’t see.
For it comes only to those, from the worldly ties who rose .

...my spirit free.

Years flow, time flies. And as it ticks away it pauses to look back at me. To show me how I hold together the past. The happy memories & blush of success, the resentful grudges & repentance of failure. Why do I hold it ? Why can’t I let go?
Today is mine with immense possibilities & hopes. Let me embrace this hour & let go the past.
Let me kiss the life that’s waiting for me today, tomorrow is a myth, yesterday is a mere dream, only today is my fact.
This is my way this my vision . Let me unfold it, every ounce of it & make it beautiful. Let me do what I failed to achieve, let me do what I forgot to achieve, let me do what I ignored to achieve.
Now I break all barriers & follow my desire, let me do it all
bestow love to my loved ones ,a thank you to my friends, dance in the rain, listen the bird’s song, smell the air & reach the cloud nine.
In body I may be bounded, in spirit I am free. Let me embrace my soul, let me be me.

I do...

“In this world I used to think we were born to live life, until I met Bhupen who taught me to love life”
And this poem I dedicate to him, to whom I owe my happiness, my dreams & myself.

One fine day in spring, for the first time I met you
Beautiful day it was, brimming with sun’s hue.
How less then I knew about that light,
Of it making my life so bright.

For that moment that one meet,
I found you who made my world complete.
That special day I can never forget,
A moment of bliss when our eyes met.

How foolish I was then, to not realize?
The place unsaid you hold in my life.
Now when your love I’ve come to fathom,
I also know that you’re the one.

My love, my man, my wish, my prayer,
With whom my whole life I share.
And if I am granted a boon to come true,
Till the end of time I’ll ask for you.

Last Winter

This poem is dedicated to my lovable, adorable, dear grand mother. She is not here on this earth now but she is still with us & will forever be. Just one message to her…”Dearest sweetest nani I miss you a lot & my every birthday & festival is incomplete without you. Remember you were always the first one to wish.”

Last winter when I met you,
The day of January with clouds few.
The sun was nowhere in sight,
But the day for me was bright
For I had you by my side
Your love & care so warm & wide.

The values that you instilled in me,
Over the years help me to see.
The showers of blessings that came upon,
Helped me distinguish the right & wrong.

As I grew to be what I am,
More I got enticed to your charm.
In whichever way of life I’d ride,
I know I’ve you at my side.

Whenever I landed in times tough & trying,
You fuelled my will for spirit undying.
And it was this faith that made me realize,
From every downfall I could rise.

Now this winter I think of the past,
I feel it’s only memories that last.
You’ve gone so far from me,
To a place I can’t fathom nor see.

But for one thing I am so sure,
Love, love & love of yours…
Is still with me to empower my sight,
On a cloudy winter to show me the light.

N it gave me sleepless night

It was weekday as usual...
exerted & tired I had my dinner,
took a refreshing shower & went off to bed. Minutes later I was into a deep slumber. How less did I know then....that this night was not as usual but a sleepless one. I am an avid dreamer, whether am sleeping or awake I dream a lot. But this dream was not a usual one & here is how it goes---

There was this huge cottage where we had come for a vacation. Along with me were three of my friends. I have no idea who those 3 people were ...they were nobody from my real life, but they're my friends. We were all ready to leave for dinner & I had put on my favorite blue color. Suddenly I got a creaky feeling that made me falter on the stairs. I felt unwell & so friends decided that I would not go along with them. I stayed back. I was hooked on to the television when suddenly some sounds started coming from outside the window. I got up to find that someone was there in the garden, it was a woman. It was strange how the guard allowed somebody to come inside at this late hour, still I went out to inquire. She had this sparkling paper in her hand with some text scribbled in it. She told me that she was looking for a girl & the name she took was mine. Strange enough....me at an unknown place, all alone at late night & here comes a woman in search of me.
I behaved as if I had not heard that name before & took the paper from her. Yes my name was written there. Pretending to just help her I asked why she wanted this girl (me actually). She laughed away & in a soft tone said "I am death, I've to take her next". Then she disappeared.
My heart skipped a beat & I stood still there like a stone. Was this true or was it a sham. As soon as I regained my senses I ran towards the guard & asked him of the nearest temple. "The temple is at the highway road, opposite Hilltop view hotel "he answered. Without wasting a millisecond I rushed towards the car & went off straight to the highway towards the temple. I felt as if I was choking, anyhow I managed to reach there.

I ran up the stairs to the temple doors & sat there. It was almost dawn. I was shivering like wind itself. Hurriedly I pulled out the paper from my pocket to read it again & confirm if what happened was true. Oh goodness my name was there but now I was safe because I was in a temple. I gathered all my strength to read on further. Just below my name was a line that read as follows "Thou death shall be a sound one. Holy souls get holy end. Last breath has to be at...."
I then turned the paper to see "A sacred place..opposite Hilltop view hotel"

Dear Mother

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
--Rudyard Kipling

I have a simple question to ask! What does it take to say such words of wisdom & truth? Simple quote but intense meaning, single line but multiple emotions, fewer words but larger intent, English sentence but universal truth.

We as humans can never ever measure what mothers are made of. They are god’s most treasured creation. The first word that we speak the first step that we take, the first alphabet that we learn, the first sound that we make or to sum up the first breath that we take is all because of her. Mother is bliss, a God’s gift & the most special person in everybody’s life. She cares for us, loves us, listen & understand us, teach & advice us. Above all she helps us to grow to let us be what we are.

There’s an old story that goes like this-
“A girl wanted to find how much her man loved her. So she asks him to get the heart of the person whom he loved the most besides her. For that man it was his mother & so in order to prove his love he gets his mother’s heart. On his way he fell down & suddenly he heard a voice saying “Oh my dear I hope you are not hurt!”
It was his mother’s voice that came from that heart.”

A mother’s love always multiplies for her child. No matter how far I go I am always closer to my mother than any other place on this earth. She can understand my silence, read my eyes, hear my mind, see my soul, feel my pain, identify my happiness & speak my heart.
I always used to ask her that how does she come to know everything even before I say. She had just one reply to it “Kid no matter how old you grow & whatever you are, you will always remain a part of me.” Oh mother I love you so much!

If the Lord of fortune hears me someday & grants me a wish, what will I ask for?

“Dear Mother,
May all the happiness of this world come to you in thousand folds”


The scent of rain

So rain is here again! I just love the rainy season.
That mesmerizing scent when the first of drops settle on the heated surface of earth waiving off the heat in it.

The cool breeze enlightens our senses like a strong wave going down the spine.

Those dark color as if signify the fury of blue skies.

The dew like spot on the petals seems to settle firmly on it aiming not to fall on the ground.

The glistening drops falling on the dusty surface of building & cleaning it away.

Sun rays getting hid behind grey cotton as if it’s been overpowered by clouds.

It’s all so very beautiful. Doesn’t all this seem to be an out of the portrait description? It has to be after all Mother Nature is the loveliest artist.

When in school the best part of having a rainy day was no assembly prayer, less attendance & lesser class sessions. We as kids have so much spark in us, a petty thing like not standing for Morning Prayer used to give so much happiness. I miss my childhood so much. How we used to play & dance around in the rain, splashing each other all wet, making paper boats, going for cycling and wearing transparent rain coat to school. It was all pure fun.

Those days are passed but I still try to make up for as many things as I can like the steaming cup of tea with lots of black pepper in it, the hot “samosa from the nukkad ka halvai” & spicy chit chats with friends.
***Yummy rain***

With love to My blog

I have this consistent habit of finding life everywhere even in non living elements. I talk to the mirror with as much emotions as I would to the friend beside me. All those who feel the same read on & others just stop else you will start calling me insane.

This post is dedicated to my very own blog.

My Dear Blog,

I am so happy I found you though late but at least I did. It started in school with essays & composition. Slowly I came to realize that I’ve this urge for writing things. Friends mocked at me when I said I get sudden intense feeling of like a motion of words in my mind making me write that out. Yes it always came as a surge & in midst of other tasks I used to open my diary (read treasure) & jot down words that then floated in my mind. It was momentarily but frequent.

As I grew up it was decided on my part that I am becoming I writer. Poor me! Just visualize it -a slogging science student, overburdened with tuitions & extra class, parents sure on seeing the dream, of their girl becoming an engineer, into reality. This was me in the dilemma of choosing the better out of two good things. Then between dreams & expectations I chose the latter.

Now after 5 years I found you, a space of my own where I see my thoughts in print, my ideas floating on the network, my views being read by fellow mates & friends. I tell you it’s such a beautiful feeling, so satisfying. Saying it in two words --Mission accomplished.

“Dear blog you’ve rekindled my passion for writing, you mean a lot to me. Many thank to you.”

I've found myself!

Time is like a pendulum between a smile & a tear. Everyday as it passes away my count on this earth gets lesser. When I was a kid I was a spoilt brat always getting things done my way. I am still the same only difference is I have grown more tolerant now, and time has been the greatest teacher for it.

I live life by my own rules. No it’s not bad to make one’s own rules but only thing is we should not be judgmental neither should we expect others to understand those rules. It’s not necessary what is righteous for me also clicks to every living element around me. We people have a habit to judge others conduct & draw conclusions on it. I say this with this much surety because I was also one of them.

Even till college I lived with this perception. Always grudging over people who were not righteous in my view & I just forgot to realize whether my view is correct. Even if it was correct why did I became the moral judge? Why did I bear the mental burden of others mistakes?

And now that I have found the answers to my question I have learnt a lesson too. Hectic schedules, busy life & this clicking time has made me feel & accept that

--- Life is too short to be wasted judging others. Just be yourself & think only about your loved ones. It’s better to spend this little precious time that we have for people we value instead of thinking about people whom we never like. ---

This is my lesson and so now I have decided that I will spend every moment in doing things that make my loved ones happy. I can’t remove the evil things from around me nor can I stop others from playing the blame game but there’s one thing I can do i.e. STOP seeing it!

Hey but then what about my rules & what about wining things always? Well I will still do it but with a difference---“Dear God, for every wrong that comes my way give me the strength to raise one step higher.”


3 Idiots.. based on five point someone - A preview

Rajkumar Hirani's 3 Idiots starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sharman Joshi,
Madhavan and Boman Irani has gone on the floors. The film is loosely based on Chetan
Bhagat's novel Five Point Someone. The first teaser poster of the film is out and has a
huge blackboard with mathematical formulae scribbled on it.

The cast

The cast of 3 idiots include:


The first characters of the novel are Hari – who is shy and wants to be handsome like
Ryan. Hari is average and is bad at vivas.. He falls in love with his professor’s daughter
and whenever Hari tries to impress his professor, he brings down his image.


The second student is Ryan, he is handsome and adventurous and he always says that
he loves his friends more than his parents and he don’t want to mug up things and he
gets low grades, in the college exams .He wants to do things in his own way and he tries
to do that and he too gets into the five pointers.


The third is Alok-A simple boy who wants to get good grades and earn money to overcome poverty of his family.



Work in progress

Sources reveal that Hirani doesn't want to give away the look of his protagonists soon,
which is why the teaser doesn't have any of the actors in it. However, work on the film
is underway and Hirani plans to wrap 3 Idiots by December.

Begins September

The source adds, "The shoot of the film with the supporting characters has already begun,
Hirani and his team are in Simla and the film is scheduled to be shot in Ladakh, Delhi ,
and Mumbai as well. Aamir and rest of the cast will begin shooting in early September."

Shantanu Moitra has given the music for 3 Idiots while the lyrics are by Swanand Kirkire.

Class is on

Apparently, author Chetan Bhagat was the first to see the poster and quite liked the final
result. "Since the setting is that of an engineering college campus the poster had to have elements of a classroom."

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Make A Promise!

"I had the blues because I had no shoes,

Until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet..."

-- Denis Waitley

I was a kid then, when while writing an essay I came across this saying in my quotation book. The rhyming words made me hurriedly jot it down in my treasured diary where I (even now) write down every tit bit that appeals my mind. I did not understand the meaning then, all I could see was street rhyming with feet.

And now that I’ve understood it tears my heart apart whenever I relate it with my real life. I always say that I have a lot of dreams & I want to fulfill them all in this lifetime of mine. But when I see a human soul as similar in existence as my own but not born with the blessing that at the end of the day he has a home to return to, enough resources (after whole day of work) to settle the hunger for food, a bed to fall asleep & forget the worries of the day, I am left pondering-

“God this very human existence is your design but why did you kept so disparities in it?”

At one side there is a human who rolls in luxury, eats five times a day (read five healthy meals which their dietitian suggested), have to think hard to decide which dress to wear for the day & drives flashy cars. At the extreme is a human soul who leaves for work imparting a hope to his family, that today he will surely get food for everyone.

I don’t know that if this is to be accepted as harsh truth or God’s design? But for my own self I’ve reached a conclusion. I have not stopped dreaming big but instead I have extended my dreams & made a place for a new promise.

A promise which I have done to myself, a promise to lend a helping hand to the needy, promise that for my every precious gain I will bring a smile to as many faces as I can.

***This article comes straight from my heart so dear readers if you are able to identify the humble feeling with which I have written this then do try to make a difference to this world. On your next birthday, before you celebrate it with your loved ones in the most lavish of way, if you could sponsor just one meal of as many needy people as your age it will multiply your happiness.***


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Aish-Abhi Wedding Pics

"The Wedding day"
"At the Tirupati temple"

"Praying together at the Tirupati temple"
"Pre-marriage at a political public gathering"

SaVaGe GaRdEn.....lyrics of ma fav. song

"I Knew I Loved You"

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
and there it goes
I think I've found my best friend
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
only this sense of completion
and in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I found my way home
I know that it might sound more than
a little crazy but I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I found you
I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

Live Life King Size

In our approach 2 life b it pragmatic or otherwise d basic idea dat confronts all of us is d desire 2 fulfill d wish of our heartz. But by the time we make up to it n see it cuming true d xcitement is all gone. N dis is vat v humans r all abt....d tendency 2 alwaz crave 4 more n more.
But den ven vil d time cum 2 b happy..2 be satisfied ...2 be content??
hmm if u also ask d same Qn 2 urself den lemme tell u dat time vil nvr cum coz dat time is now.
The time 2 b happy...2 njoy...2 feel d winner inside u...2 show ur loved ones dat u care...it's all nw.

So jst njoy dis moment......but ya remember don't stop dreaming BIG

Keep Smiling Keep Shining :)