Play Safe!!

Gentle Warning: I don't know whether I am writing this post to vent out my current frustration but one thing is sure, it may not be a pleasant reading for everybody.
If you are just not in mood to read/share somebody's emotional baggage, kindly stop.

If one fine Saturday morning, you wake up to find your friends SMS in your inbox, what would be your first reaction?
Happy assumptions right…may be she has plans for shopping today, or may be she has got the tickets for the newly released movie we planned to go.
You open the message & you read …Crap!!!
This is what exactly happened to me. Past weekend, I got this message from my friend asking me to check out a website where my user profile was making rounds.

I hurriedly did that to find that in this funky, useless fashion site, there existed a profile with the most idiotic & annoying profile information & to top all that with my photo & name in the profile.

Goodness gracious me!!!!
Who the hell did that, was my first reaction. But did it actually matter who did that, I wondered! Every visitor to that site would consider it to be me……..oh me????????

A greater surprise was that the picture used there was the one I had put on blogger.
I cursed myself for doing it.
At some corner of the world there exist some devilish elements that do things which do no good to anybody. Why do such things happen in the first place? In this fast life of tough competition how do few get time to indulge in such nonsense acts?

Damn them all. I still ponder…when this world will become a beautiful place to live in with no ugly side to it. I know there’s no answer to it but only precautions on our part. Period!

Thankfully my woes are over for now. After submitting two applications & an identity proof, the complaint has finally been considered by the administration people of the site & the account deleted.

Hmm the lesson:
My dear blogger friends all I want to suggest is avoid use of close up photographs on your account. I learnt it the hard way & so am sharing it with you. Rest as you wish.
Better still, PLAY SAFE PLAY COOL.


Hemanth Potluri

ooh shit...and it happen to me once too ...some bugger used my pics and created a account on my name in orkut..and i was pissed of and have to submit it to abusing community wer they put votes to del it :)..

this info is good arunima...and i delted my post of pics ass soon as i saw anyways i was goin to del it was wating for a frnd to comment and now delted it..:)..

from now on wards play safe and play cool :)..


swati was an eye opener..tanx sweety for bringing it to notice..damn these place is free of these devil creatures.."indeed a lesson learnt"


Oh my god!!i m happy tht u cud get the profile deleted....thats the reason y i dont put up my pics despite my friends wanting to see me....who know's someone might misuse it in a way i can't even think of. Its really sweet of u tht u thought of warning ur friends after wht happened to u. Thanks a lot babes!!


Dear A..

Its very unfortunate to hear about the mishapp...but i hope this stupid act wont stop you from writing here...i really pity the person who did this, because only a mentally sick person would do this to someone like you..wish we had more effective cyber laws to make these people pay for their devil deeds...


Vimal Gasper

A sad reality which I haven't been able to understand. Why do these devilish characters venture into such adventures and how are they benefiting??? Anyways, I'm sorry for what happened to you...
We all like to be popular and that's the reason why we or I blog and have put my picture in blogger as well as orkut... Now, how can I or we ensure that our crave for popularity is not tarnished by these evil minds? I haven't been informed of any of my photos being used by these elements and hope they haven't and don't or they don't find it tempting for their evil ventures...

@Hemanth: I never thought that these elements even use pictures of men for their unpopular activities. I thought and believed that these only affect the other sex and so I need not be worried. Thanks for the eye opener...


It never happened to me..because the insane in me always edits her pics so terribly that there are zero chances of it..but even if that ought to not give a damn!

cheers..and ...COME CHECK MY BLOG {50th}


Arunima this has happened to me SO MANY TIMES! Apparently I hv an ORKUT and a FACEBOOK profile too! I didnt create them. Some losers used my pics, my posts etc to creat bogus profiles. So many friends told me abt it. So I contacted the authorities but they cudnt help me at all - LOSERS. I was so furious with em I gave up. I dun care anymore. If someone is sooo empty that they hv to steal someone else's identity to hv a life, then so be it.

Im glad u got over ur nightmare tho!



ya u r right..this orkut thing is very common. Feel like cursing such idiots.
It is a big question that why it happens???
Anywaz...lets 4get it.
Keep visiting!!!


ya's a lesson that too a tough one.


>>thats the reason y i dont put up my pics
Good that you act wisely...even I will be cautious from now on.
It's my pleasure to share my experiences vid u all.



ohh not at all, this does not stop me from writing. Nothing in this world can.
And u r right we must hv stringent cyber laws.


Agreed with you...
Good that it did not happen to you.

>>I thought and believed that these only affect the other sex
So do you presume that its the men that do so???



>>insane in me always edits her pics so terribly
I mus say u r a witty girl. Such a thought nvr came 2 me. Bt i vil try apply it nxt time.

>>you ought to not give a damn!
I feel like doing so...I can't help it ;(


>>happened to me SO MANY TIMES!
This is so bad. Hey bt I wonder y the orkut authorities didn't help u..if I am not wrong they hav this report abuse option where one can complaint.
Anywaz if u don care anymore...let those idiots waste their time on it.

>>If someone is sooo empty that they hv to steal someone else's identity to hv a life
I liked this statement of yours.


Vimal Gasper

Its just that I believe that women won't do such things... May be because I have a lot of respect for them and can't imagine them doing something so immature...


Ohhhh shuckks...this is bad...god knows when people will understand the values and ethics...(sorry came uninvited to ur blog via Swati's blog)...Liked ur posts..yet to read most of them though..




>>May be because I have a lot of respect for them
Thank you!
I am obliged to hear your wise thoughts.


Hey welcome 2 my blog.
ya I agree vid u.
Thanks 4 commenting.
Keep coming!

comfortably numb

sorry u had 2 go thru dis:(
world is full of crap, u nvr knw in wht way it manifests itself...just hang on!!!


Oh that is so humble of you.


They wanted my Drivers' License etc emailed to them. And in no way was I gonna do that over the net! I dun trust any authority on the net.

And I dun want another maniac using my DL to start another "Im such a loser so I used someone else's ID" kinda blog/account/drama somewhere else!



There is good and bad, the thing is which one we choose. So far I dint face like this situation, but would add more concern on precaution from now, thanks for sharing.


ya that's what they do. they ask for the id proof to confirm ur identity.
But if u don't believe the authorities as well then good that u didn't submit it.
Coz v shud do only do things dat we r confident of.



Hey thanks & welcome to my blog.

Sandeep Balan

thank god the profile was deleted...i can very well relate to the kind of tension you might have gone through...terrible stuff!!