.......forever more!

It was the darkest evening ever………….though the light of thunder, sound of storm, there was none.
Tears rolled my cheeks, my eyes stared onto his cold face, in dismay. I felt as if the moment freezed when he uttered the words “We can’t be together anymore”. How can I fail, how can I loose in my biggest bargain. It was about my life my very existence which to me mattered no more. I gave up everything for love & today love gave up on me.
Hopeless & vulnerable as I stood there, he turned his back & went ahead; leaving everything behind, even me.
Shattered though I was but heart failed to believe what ears just heard. My promise was broken………I thought of the words he did not keep….......that he would love me forever more. I closed my eyes to feel the pain.

PS: The 1st comment I received for this post is quite weird. Therefore I would like to say "This post is just a figment of my imagination & has nothing to do with my actual life"



Having been there i know that Words are superficial on such occasions but i would still say that "god never gives us a pain without giving us the strength to deal with it . "
I hope you will come out of it stronger , wiser and happier .


Welcome 2 my blog & thanks 4 the reply.

Hey bt this post came jst out of my sheer imagination. Nothing of that sort happened with me.
Gosh!!! you took it so seriously.


Good to know that.It was very well written . Happy to be wrong on this . :)

Scribblers Inc

dont blame that guy! anyone would fall for the post if you dont putin the disclaimer!! :)

good writing, though the pic is a tad scary and painful...

scribblers Inc.


Hi Arunima...

that single moment... hmmm...

good one mate... cheers...


When I went through ur post my reaction was the same like Prashant's. The image you used in your post is very impressive.

Aqua gurl

Ahh well written and imagined:)


Ohh that's perfectly ok.
Thank u.


So u found the pic painful...well i thought it wud match d heartbreak story in d post.


Thank god its not true!coz i knw it hurts a lot to fail in love. :( :(

Hemanth Potluri

single moment huh!..nicely done arunima :)...and pic is little painful :(....but the words describe it all :)..



hey ..A..
Oops was that just imagination...for a moment I thought now then you are out of that relationship, I stand some sort of a chance to get closer..!!! lolzzz hey just kidding...I wish you never have to go through such twinge...BTW the length of ur posts are kinda shorting up these days..wats the matter..!!!



Hey thank u.


Thanks dearie.


@Aqua gurl
Ohh thanks.....i did not know that my imagination vil seem real 2 others


oh it ought not 2 b true....
that was jst fiction.


Thanks ....
Bt is d pic so dreadful, ppl responded more abt pic rather then d post.


Hi .S.

>BTW the length of ur posts are >kinda shorting up these dayz
I did not notice that...actually i jst write by whim. sumtimes itz a long story dat clicks & other times itz short & heavy as this one.

Anywaz Itz content dat matters, hope i am not getting short of that.


hey..im glad tat this post has nthng to do wid u :)..its jus a sheer imagination...bt this imagination is life's veracity for some..its really painful when a beautiful relationship is shattered especially for no particular reason..nice post dear..:)


that was d first thing that came to my mind when i saw d pic

n then after i read d post my reaction was ouch!!! ouch!!!

nice post thou...really well written

ps: smthn awaits u on my 100th post :)


Heartbreaks are painful!


painful !

Sandeep Balan

God these writers...they cook up such realistic looking para's...he he...others will obviously be fooled into believing that its from the pages of your own life...tough task to make them think otherwise...back to the post...short one but had tremendous power...had a strong undertone...good one nonetheless....had got the same responses from readers when i posted "Why?" http://yembeeyae.blogspot.com/2008/10/why.html
Everyone was asking whther it was real or not...

Even with my latest post....people still wont believe that its fiction!! he he...

good one yaar...keep them coming...


Sansein saath nahi deti,
Woh to dost tha

Hemanth Potluri

pic was dread full in some means but it matched the post tho :)...and i loved the post to not only the pic :)...


comfortably numb

good its just a figment of ur imagination!!!
ohh n btw...4ever is a lie
nothing lasts 4ever



>this imagination is life's veracity >for some

hey dear I agree vid u on this one.


ha ha ha was dat so painful


ya they r....bt roses do hav thorns.



Ahemm..... I know.


Hey dear welcome 2 my blog.
A heartfelt thanks 2 u for the expert comments

Ya i vil surely read that post.



Hey welcome 2 my blog.
So aap shayari bhi karte hain...





@Comfortably numb

Well Saim I disagree on that....
sumthings do last 4ever, atleast till one is alive 2 see them.

BTW this statement of urs has kindled a topic 4 me 2 write on.



I saw the picture..and totally felt the pain in which I wrote my last post..even if you're not in the that condition..
Something gripping innit.

Kudos to the work,Aru !


And apologies for having missed your last post..lost bloglinks :((

Prashant Sree

I suppose the disclaimer came in handy !! ;)

Ya, such things do happen !! Yet its like Just coz a rose has thorns do we stop smelling the roses...

How does the title "forever more" relate to the post...


Hey dear nice 2 c u back in my feedback page...i missed ur experts comments in my last post.
Thanks sweetie.

>felt the pain in which I wrote my >last post
Hey u r the pampered baby of our blogosphere....itz nt gud 2 hear the "pain" thing abt u.
Hope everything is well now.


Hey welcome 2 my blog.

>rose has thorns do we stop smelling >the roses
No we nvr stop & neither I say that one should. After all life is all abt smile & tears.

>does the title "forever more" >relate to the post..
I guess u missed the concluding line of the post...otherwise u wouldn't have asked this.


Been there...done that...Period !



Neelabh vat do I assume 4m ur answer

>Been there...done that
Were u the betrayer or were u the one getting hurt!!!!!


@Arunima...flip through the previous pages...u will know the answer for sure ! :)


okies dear i got it...