With love to My blog

I have this consistent habit of finding life everywhere even in non living elements. I talk to the mirror with as much emotions as I would to the friend beside me. All those who feel the same read on & others just stop else you will start calling me insane.

This post is dedicated to my very own blog.

My Dear Blog,

I am so happy I found you though late but at least I did. It started in school with essays & composition. Slowly I came to realize that I’ve this urge for writing things. Friends mocked at me when I said I get sudden intense feeling of like a motion of words in my mind making me write that out. Yes it always came as a surge & in midst of other tasks I used to open my diary (read treasure) & jot down words that then floated in my mind. It was momentarily but frequent.

As I grew up it was decided on my part that I am becoming I writer. Poor me! Just visualize it -a slogging science student, overburdened with tuitions & extra class, parents sure on seeing the dream, of their girl becoming an engineer, into reality. This was me in the dilemma of choosing the better out of two good things. Then between dreams & expectations I chose the latter.

Now after 5 years I found you, a space of my own where I see my thoughts in print, my ideas floating on the network, my views being read by fellow mates & friends. I tell you it’s such a beautiful feeling, so satisfying. Saying it in two words --Mission accomplished.

“Dear blog you’ve rekindled my passion for writing, you mean a lot to me. Many thank to you.”



Congs for consistency and for getting the shoutbox right :). I liked the plain font though, and sorry i cant imagine talking to non living things:)


thanx...n point is noted
it's plain font again