The scent of rain

So rain is here again! I just love the rainy season.
That mesmerizing scent when the first of drops settle on the heated surface of earth waiving off the heat in it.

The cool breeze enlightens our senses like a strong wave going down the spine.

Those dark color as if signify the fury of blue skies.

The dew like spot on the petals seems to settle firmly on it aiming not to fall on the ground.

The glistening drops falling on the dusty surface of building & cleaning it away.

Sun rays getting hid behind grey cotton as if it’s been overpowered by clouds.

It’s all so very beautiful. Doesn’t all this seem to be an out of the portrait description? It has to be after all Mother Nature is the loveliest artist.

When in school the best part of having a rainy day was no assembly prayer, less attendance & lesser class sessions. We as kids have so much spark in us, a petty thing like not standing for Morning Prayer used to give so much happiness. I miss my childhood so much. How we used to play & dance around in the rain, splashing each other all wet, making paper boats, going for cycling and wearing transparent rain coat to school. It was all pure fun.

Those days are passed but I still try to make up for as many things as I can like the steaming cup of tea with lots of black pepper in it, the hot “samosa from the nukkad ka halvai” & spicy chit chats with friends.
***Yummy rain***



Rain reminds of living in dehradun...the dewdrops every morning...


yups...u r correct.No matter vere we go, nothing like ddn