Mumbai Burning.

As I write this post I have……
Multiple emotions but no words,
Thousand feelings but no expression,
Severe anger but no answer.

With scarred soul & a tearful heart, I have nothing to blame, nothing to claim, and nothing to be sure of, nothing to rely for. What is already lost can not be restored by any means.
The lost lives, of the innocent & the brave heart, the mental trauma of the survivors, the shock of the witness & the shattered hopes of we the spectators, nothing can be reverted.
Yes it will heal with time but this scar on nation can never be erased.
God give them, the power to bear this suffering & means to live with the loss.
And Mumbai... yes it will rise to stand tall again.

.......forever more!

It was the darkest evening ever………….though the light of thunder, sound of storm, there was none.
Tears rolled my cheeks, my eyes stared onto his cold face, in dismay. I felt as if the moment freezed when he uttered the words “We can’t be together anymore”. How can I fail, how can I loose in my biggest bargain. It was about my life my very existence which to me mattered no more. I gave up everything for love & today love gave up on me.
Hopeless & vulnerable as I stood there, he turned his back & went ahead; leaving everything behind, even me.
Shattered though I was but heart failed to believe what ears just heard. My promise was broken………I thought of the words he did not keep….......that he would love me forever more. I closed my eyes to feel the pain.

PS: The 1st comment I received for this post is quite weird. Therefore I would like to say "This post is just a figment of my imagination & has nothing to do with my actual life"

Thy God!

I asked God to fulfill my wish
He said “I’ve given you dreams to follow.”
I asked God to take away my pains,
He said “I’ve given you the strength to end them up.”
I asked God to give me luck & happiness
He said “I’ve given you a beautiful life to live.”
I asked God to lead me to the right path
He said “that your deeds will decide.”
Oh thy God you have left everything on me?
He said “In you lies me, on a weary path to show you the light.”

Play Safe!!

Gentle Warning: I don't know whether I am writing this post to vent out my current frustration but one thing is sure, it may not be a pleasant reading for everybody.
If you are just not in mood to read/share somebody's emotional baggage, kindly stop.

If one fine Saturday morning, you wake up to find your friends SMS in your inbox, what would be your first reaction?
Happy assumptions right…may be she has plans for shopping today, or may be she has got the tickets for the newly released movie we planned to go.
You open the message & you read …Crap!!!
This is what exactly happened to me. Past weekend, I got this message from my friend asking me to check out a website where my user profile was making rounds.

I hurriedly did that to find that in this funky, useless fashion site, there existed a profile with the most idiotic & annoying profile information & to top all that with my photo & name in the profile.

Goodness gracious me!!!!
Who the hell did that, was my first reaction. But did it actually matter who did that, I wondered! Every visitor to that site would consider it to be me……..oh me????????

A greater surprise was that the picture used there was the one I had put on blogger.
I cursed myself for doing it.
At some corner of the world there exist some devilish elements that do things which do no good to anybody. Why do such things happen in the first place? In this fast life of tough competition how do few get time to indulge in such nonsense acts?

Damn them all. I still ponder…when this world will become a beautiful place to live in with no ugly side to it. I know there’s no answer to it but only precautions on our part. Period!

Thankfully my woes are over for now. After submitting two applications & an identity proof, the complaint has finally been considered by the administration people of the site & the account deleted.

Hmm the lesson:
My dear blogger friends all I want to suggest is avoid use of close up photographs on your account. I learnt it the hard way & so am sharing it with you. Rest as you wish.
Better still, PLAY SAFE PLAY COOL.

Sprinkling mirth!!!

(Hey friends I was absent from blogosphere as I had gone home for Diwali. Hope you all had a sparkling & happy festive celebrations)

Past week was geared up with celebrations & fun. I enjoyed it all & in midst of all the joy I got this special thought to share with all. Festivals nowadays are not just a religious, social ceremony for people, but much more beyond that.
The happiness, the free spirit, the gladness, the gaiety, the fun & the colors that come with it, all are so precious. I just love our festivals. They make our life so beautiful & rocking. Of late the recession thing had toned down everybody’s spirit, specially the corporate ones. Being from corporate world I know how we were actually living with this bearish slump. The meager appraisals & fear of job cuts had engulfed everybody in sadness.
But then came the festival time, bringing celebrations in the air. And everyone forgot their worries though momentarily but at least they did. The following lines express my thoughts aptly-

A sprinkling lot of mirth ,
Cascaded from heaven to earth.
Oh weary hearts be gay,
It’s a joyous day today.

Festivals bring so much spark & liveliness. Meeting all dear ones, praying & worshiping Gods, decorating our sweet home, exchanging gifts, calling old friends, having lavish feasts, attending festive functions & much more. In simplest of words festival means just being happy altogether.
Yeah and on this high note, I end this post. And I wish & hope that these festive celebrations always & forever lit up our lives & brim it with joy.