Dark Temptation

A temptation in literal terms means an act that looks appealing to an individual & which may make oneself feel lack of self control. It may or may not refer to acts with good connotations. Oh hold on before you make any presumptions let me tell you what this post is all about. Well I was reading this newspaper when I saw the advertisement of AXE Dark temptation (for those who don’t know: Dark Temptation is a new fragrance launched by AXE & their catch line is “Inspired by what women love most…..chocolate”
Hmm interesting!

Before you start reading ahead this is to tell you that you’ll need to answer two questions given below & if you think you will read & then decide whether to answer them then please stop. And yeah be true to yourself!

Now here starts the thinking part…this ad kept me pondering over two things
“What women love the most?” &
“What’s the 1st thing that comes to mind on hearing the word dark temptation?”
Finally I have my answer( again with no offenses to anybody)

I think what women love most is to be admired my others (including other women)
Their desire for new attire, their inclination for jewels, their thirst to follow fashion trends and blah blah blah … all these desires ultimately have one conclusion. Whether they were praised for the latest hair style or for the expensive ring, for the artistic furniture or for the fancy house, the ultimate gain from all this at the end of the day is admiration of others.

Hey the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear of word dark temptation is
My love, my man!

So what are you waiting for, turn on to the comments page & answer the above two questions. No cheating…just speak your mind, even if it reveals the dark side of you.
Go ahead…

I forgot to live...

When I came into this world I knew nothing of my own self.
I did not choose my gender or color or parents or name.
As I grew I began to know ME as an identity, to know my wishes, my dreams, my aims & so the journey began.

As a kid I was dying to score better marks & gave all my time to tuition teachers. I forgot, to play in the sun, to make castles of mud, to stroll on the outside lane, to…

As I grew up, I was dying to make something of my career. I devoted all my time to studies.
I forgot to attend my cousin’s birthday, to chat with my friends, to walk with the wind, to…

When I went to college, I was dying to get a job, yeah the best one. I forgot to celebrate every little joy present in my world, to freak with my friends, to spend time in the college canteen, to…

Today that I think I’ve made my existence, I am dying to get a bigger job, a better life, a beautiful future. I look back to find the remains of the days past by, all shallow. Where are those beautiful moments which I could have lived with my loved ones in the gone years.Now I realize that while I was dying to attain my goals I forgot so many things. I forgot to laugh, to love, to cry, to sing, to dance & so on. I just forgot to live. While I ran blindly to touch my tomorrow, I forgot to live my today.

Yeah life continually gives us more gifts then what we can fathom, it’s only our perception that matters. We should live our today & feel every moment of it. It doesn’t mean that one should stop planning for the future or one should stop setting their goals. It only means that we should learn to relish every moment. Today is our gift that’s why it’s called present.

And now that I’ve realized this folly of mine I’ve promised myself that I will
Live everyday, love more, laugh often.

10 reasons why a husband is better then a boyfriend!

Well this is kind of different compared to my last post but I can call it just the musing of an idle mind. Today is a holiday(yipee it's Dusshera today) & in midst of all the festive colors & joy I felt of writing such a post. Strange enough. Anyways!

Disclaimer: The ideas laid down are my own with no offense to anybody & they are simply not inspired from some greeting card or poster or whatever that nowadays do flash messages of these sorts.

A hubby over boyfriend(10 reasons)

  1. They don’t crib when you turn up late for the cine show.
  2. Your mother like them.
  3. They like you in whichever way you dress & show no inclination of wanting you to wear ultra mini’s or skin hugging add-ons.
  4. You can carry their credit cards as your own.
  5. They don’t flaunt you in front of some macho hunk that passes them by in the shopping mall.
  6. They find you cute when you wake up in the morning with all makeup undone.
  7. They always let you win the argument.
  8. They send you flowers even if you complain of their not so toned look & that they need a daily workout at the gym.
  9. They love you even when you lie ill at bed & forget to give the good night kiss.
  10. Last but not the least husbands are better then boyfriends because they keep their promise to love you, protect you & make your world beautiful forever.

Eat,drink,breathe money!

We live in an age of flaunted indifference, infected by the “Not in my backyard” syndrome. We rob earth of the most rich of it’s resources, be it air, water or land. But when it comes to safeguarding them, it just becomes somebody else’s job. And me too is no different otherwise I would not have been here writing this post & spilling my frustration all over. Imagine this -- there’s a book on “101 ways to make money” & then there’s another on “help to keep your environment clean” which one would we choose? Probability of the former being chosen is more.
What crap? How can we shut the doors to this outer world of which we are very much a part?
I do nothing when I see uncountable tissue papers, A4 sheets, paper glasses getting wasted in my organization. Wonder how many trees went into it’s making! I do nothing when I see all night celebrations in the neighborhood park & then the remains of it (read leftovers) the rest of the days.
We will never take the initiative until we get to bear it. This is what I call as “not in my backyard” syndrome. I don’t know if we will wake up before it’s too late & do something to save our mother earth.
Or may be…..
It reminds me of some lines I read years ago-
It’s only after the last river has been poisoned,
It’s only after the last tree has been cut,
It’s only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then we will come to know that money can’t be eaten.


I just won’t take the pain you put me through.
I hate to hate but I am forced to do. These temporary blues…they’re unbearable.
I feel so lonely at times, running nowhere with this world. Things around me, yeah I always wanted life to be so colorful but sometimes it gets so weird, feels so heavy.
How come the people whom we most want be so selfish at times, leaving you all by yourself when you need them the most? Even tears shy away to fall. I am confused, it’s all mess.
Wish I could fly away . I promise myself I will save myself from these mood swings, but it always overpowers me making me feel miserable. Damn it!

Friends 4ever

Life is a pendulum between a smile & a tear. Full of love, believe & fear.
It becomes a blessing & a gift, when there are people like you in it.
You are one of those special few, like the clear drops of dew.
Even time will fail to change, my respectful fondness for you.
You bring me joy & reasons to smile
May this friendship be as long as river Nile.

So dear you are that gift to me. People often say that a man’s age is counted by the friends he keep. But I have a different perspective. I don’t make friends easily. For me friendship is a serious, honest, & emotional affair. Therefore I don’t make but rather choose friends.
And here is this note that comes your way to say-
“Thanks Neha for being a friend to me”

You have been a guide when I lost my way, a sister when I lost my calm, a support when I needed it the most, a hope when I spiraled into confusion, a peer when we shared every laugh, to sum up in my words, you have been a true friend. Your sweet smile, your caring hand, your measured advice, your calculated decisions, your happy spirit, your wise nature, your attractive charm, your devoted efforts, it all makes you special in your own way.

There’s fragrance of joy that we spread when we are together. Our childish laugh, our silly talks, those poor jokes, that shopping spree, the not so good freak outs, our photo sessions, rocking DJ nights & naughty arguments…endless list. It’s all so memorable. And no matter wherever we go in the future your imprints will always be in my heart.