Dear Mother

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
--Rudyard Kipling

I have a simple question to ask! What does it take to say such words of wisdom & truth? Simple quote but intense meaning, single line but multiple emotions, fewer words but larger intent, English sentence but universal truth.

We as humans can never ever measure what mothers are made of. They are god’s most treasured creation. The first word that we speak the first step that we take, the first alphabet that we learn, the first sound that we make or to sum up the first breath that we take is all because of her. Mother is bliss, a God’s gift & the most special person in everybody’s life. She cares for us, loves us, listen & understand us, teach & advice us. Above all she helps us to grow to let us be what we are.

There’s an old story that goes like this-
“A girl wanted to find how much her man loved her. So she asks him to get the heart of the person whom he loved the most besides her. For that man it was his mother & so in order to prove his love he gets his mother’s heart. On his way he fell down & suddenly he heard a voice saying “Oh my dear I hope you are not hurt!”
It was his mother’s voice that came from that heart.”

A mother’s love always multiplies for her child. No matter how far I go I am always closer to my mother than any other place on this earth. She can understand my silence, read my eyes, hear my mind, see my soul, feel my pain, identify my happiness & speak my heart.
I always used to ask her that how does she come to know everything even before I say. She had just one reply to it “Kid no matter how old you grow & whatever you are, you will always remain a part of me.” Oh mother I love you so much!

If the Lord of fortune hears me someday & grants me a wish, what will I ask for?

“Dear Mother,
May all the happiness of this world come to you in thousand folds”


The scent of rain

So rain is here again! I just love the rainy season.
That mesmerizing scent when the first of drops settle on the heated surface of earth waiving off the heat in it.

The cool breeze enlightens our senses like a strong wave going down the spine.

Those dark color as if signify the fury of blue skies.

The dew like spot on the petals seems to settle firmly on it aiming not to fall on the ground.

The glistening drops falling on the dusty surface of building & cleaning it away.

Sun rays getting hid behind grey cotton as if it’s been overpowered by clouds.

It’s all so very beautiful. Doesn’t all this seem to be an out of the portrait description? It has to be after all Mother Nature is the loveliest artist.

When in school the best part of having a rainy day was no assembly prayer, less attendance & lesser class sessions. We as kids have so much spark in us, a petty thing like not standing for Morning Prayer used to give so much happiness. I miss my childhood so much. How we used to play & dance around in the rain, splashing each other all wet, making paper boats, going for cycling and wearing transparent rain coat to school. It was all pure fun.

Those days are passed but I still try to make up for as many things as I can like the steaming cup of tea with lots of black pepper in it, the hot “samosa from the nukkad ka halvai” & spicy chit chats with friends.
***Yummy rain***

With love to My blog

I have this consistent habit of finding life everywhere even in non living elements. I talk to the mirror with as much emotions as I would to the friend beside me. All those who feel the same read on & others just stop else you will start calling me insane.

This post is dedicated to my very own blog.

My Dear Blog,

I am so happy I found you though late but at least I did. It started in school with essays & composition. Slowly I came to realize that I’ve this urge for writing things. Friends mocked at me when I said I get sudden intense feeling of like a motion of words in my mind making me write that out. Yes it always came as a surge & in midst of other tasks I used to open my diary (read treasure) & jot down words that then floated in my mind. It was momentarily but frequent.

As I grew up it was decided on my part that I am becoming I writer. Poor me! Just visualize it -a slogging science student, overburdened with tuitions & extra class, parents sure on seeing the dream, of their girl becoming an engineer, into reality. This was me in the dilemma of choosing the better out of two good things. Then between dreams & expectations I chose the latter.

Now after 5 years I found you, a space of my own where I see my thoughts in print, my ideas floating on the network, my views being read by fellow mates & friends. I tell you it’s such a beautiful feeling, so satisfying. Saying it in two words --Mission accomplished.

“Dear blog you’ve rekindled my passion for writing, you mean a lot to me. Many thank to you.”

I've found myself!

Time is like a pendulum between a smile & a tear. Everyday as it passes away my count on this earth gets lesser. When I was a kid I was a spoilt brat always getting things done my way. I am still the same only difference is I have grown more tolerant now, and time has been the greatest teacher for it.

I live life by my own rules. No it’s not bad to make one’s own rules but only thing is we should not be judgmental neither should we expect others to understand those rules. It’s not necessary what is righteous for me also clicks to every living element around me. We people have a habit to judge others conduct & draw conclusions on it. I say this with this much surety because I was also one of them.

Even till college I lived with this perception. Always grudging over people who were not righteous in my view & I just forgot to realize whether my view is correct. Even if it was correct why did I became the moral judge? Why did I bear the mental burden of others mistakes?

And now that I have found the answers to my question I have learnt a lesson too. Hectic schedules, busy life & this clicking time has made me feel & accept that

--- Life is too short to be wasted judging others. Just be yourself & think only about your loved ones. It’s better to spend this little precious time that we have for people we value instead of thinking about people whom we never like. ---

This is my lesson and so now I have decided that I will spend every moment in doing things that make my loved ones happy. I can’t remove the evil things from around me nor can I stop others from playing the blame game but there’s one thing I can do i.e. STOP seeing it!

Hey but then what about my rules & what about wining things always? Well I will still do it but with a difference---“Dear God, for every wrong that comes my way give me the strength to raise one step higher.”