Dear Mother

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
--Rudyard Kipling

I have a simple question to ask! What does it take to say such words of wisdom & truth? Simple quote but intense meaning, single line but multiple emotions, fewer words but larger intent, English sentence but universal truth.

We as humans can never ever measure what mothers are made of. They are god’s most treasured creation. The first word that we speak the first step that we take, the first alphabet that we learn, the first sound that we make or to sum up the first breath that we take is all because of her. Mother is bliss, a God’s gift & the most special person in everybody’s life. She cares for us, loves us, listen & understand us, teach & advice us. Above all she helps us to grow to let us be what we are.

There’s an old story that goes like this-
“A girl wanted to find how much her man loved her. So she asks him to get the heart of the person whom he loved the most besides her. For that man it was his mother & so in order to prove his love he gets his mother’s heart. On his way he fell down & suddenly he heard a voice saying “Oh my dear I hope you are not hurt!”
It was his mother’s voice that came from that heart.”

A mother’s love always multiplies for her child. No matter how far I go I am always closer to my mother than any other place on this earth. She can understand my silence, read my eyes, hear my mind, see my soul, feel my pain, identify my happiness & speak my heart.
I always used to ask her that how does she come to know everything even before I say. She had just one reply to it “Kid no matter how old you grow & whatever you are, you will always remain a part of me.” Oh mother I love you so much!

If the Lord of fortune hears me someday & grants me a wish, what will I ask for?

“Dear Mother,
May all the happiness of this world come to you in thousand folds”




Lovely actualy touched my heart. Can an engineer have such an aspect towards life.
i mean do u guyz n gals get time 2 brush up ur emotional grey cells or rather say sit bck n count ur emotions


hello madam....hang on. do you think engineers are heartless cold people?
there's no Qn of getting time coz one doesn't need 2 make a time table 2 know n understand one's relations.


Hey nice article....touched ma heart... bt is that true for todays selfish crowd ??????????


thanks neha!


No Comments on your post,wht u have said,is absolutely true,no second thought.

Hats off 2 u.