N it gave me sleepless night

It was weekday as usual...
exerted & tired I had my dinner,
took a refreshing shower & went off to bed. Minutes later I was into a deep slumber. How less did I know then....that this night was not as usual but a sleepless one. I am an avid dreamer, whether am sleeping or awake I dream a lot. But this dream was not a usual one & here is how it goes---

There was this huge cottage where we had come for a vacation. Along with me were three of my friends. I have no idea who those 3 people were ...they were nobody from my real life, but they're my friends. We were all ready to leave for dinner & I had put on my favorite blue color. Suddenly I got a creaky feeling that made me falter on the stairs. I felt unwell & so friends decided that I would not go along with them. I stayed back. I was hooked on to the television when suddenly some sounds started coming from outside the window. I got up to find that someone was there in the garden, it was a woman. It was strange how the guard allowed somebody to come inside at this late hour, still I went out to inquire. She had this sparkling paper in her hand with some text scribbled in it. She told me that she was looking for a girl & the name she took was mine. Strange enough....me at an unknown place, all alone at late night & here comes a woman in search of me.
I behaved as if I had not heard that name before & took the paper from her. Yes my name was written there. Pretending to just help her I asked why she wanted this girl (me actually). She laughed away & in a soft tone said "I am death, I've to take her next". Then she disappeared.
My heart skipped a beat & I stood still there like a stone. Was this true or was it a sham. As soon as I regained my senses I ran towards the guard & asked him of the nearest temple. "The temple is at the highway road, opposite Hilltop view hotel "he answered. Without wasting a millisecond I rushed towards the car & went off straight to the highway towards the temple. I felt as if I was choking, anyhow I managed to reach there.

I ran up the stairs to the temple doors & sat there. It was almost dawn. I was shivering like wind itself. Hurriedly I pulled out the paper from my pocket to read it again & confirm if what happened was true. Oh goodness my name was there but now I was safe because I was in a temple. I gathered all my strength to read on further. Just below my name was a line that read as follows "Thou death shall be a sound one. Holy souls get holy end. Last breath has to be at...."
I then turned the paper to see "A sacred place..opposite Hilltop view hotel"



The story(source of "inspiration" undefined), seems to reflect the wet-cat nature of the author. That she can b given scare by neone, wid a piece of paper

****I've not been paid good to put the comments here


c it depends on every1's perception..if u take it as my "wet-cat" nature feel free 2 do so.
I write vat I feel like...don give a damn 2 vat it reflects abt me.

***even I am nt paid 2 publish dis comment;-)


i can understand ur pain,how does it feel when u hv sleepless night because of some scare thougths,i get scare too that's reason i hv temple in my house and i sleep in front of that since very long time .wherevr i go for living,i bring God along with me.

u know wht is my scare,evry night i feel someone is in my room.when i get asleep,she sit on my back,and push my face in pillow.

believe in God.I do only in that.


get scared sometimes,pray to God.there is no other alternatives.
i don't know how ppl can spends hour while playing with their pets and when it come to visit temple,they feel ashamed.

if I go to temple everyday,i am a criminal right owner ??.

i feel blog owner just want to read/hear good/nice words or she is running Racket against me.