Last Winter

This poem is dedicated to my lovable, adorable, dear grand mother. She is not here on this earth now but she is still with us & will forever be. Just one message to her…”Dearest sweetest nani I miss you a lot & my every birthday & festival is incomplete without you. Remember you were always the first one to wish.”

Last winter when I met you,
The day of January with clouds few.
The sun was nowhere in sight,
But the day for me was bright
For I had you by my side
Your love & care so warm & wide.

The values that you instilled in me,
Over the years help me to see.
The showers of blessings that came upon,
Helped me distinguish the right & wrong.

As I grew to be what I am,
More I got enticed to your charm.
In whichever way of life I’d ride,
I know I’ve you at my side.

Whenever I landed in times tough & trying,
You fuelled my will for spirit undying.
And it was this faith that made me realize,
From every downfall I could rise.

Now this winter I think of the past,
I feel it’s only memories that last.
You’ve gone so far from me,
To a place I can’t fathom nor see.

But for one thing I am so sure,
Love, love & love of yours…
Is still with me to empower my sight,
On a cloudy winter to show me the light.


Neha maheshwari

Hey this is truly amazing..!!!!!
This poem shows how much ur attached with ur loved ones!!!!!!
Lucky to have u as my friend


Thanks neha...more so for such a humble compliment


hey arunima,its truely heart touching..God bless you dear for writing such nice and wonderful things.

Abhishek jain

efeelings for loved ones are eternal...ur poem proves it fully..
keep it up


Tamanna Ma'am thanks for your blessings.


Hi abhishek, I believe you've understood my intentions of posting this poem here in true sense.