...my spirit free.

Years flow, time flies. And as it ticks away it pauses to look back at me. To show me how I hold together the past. The happy memories & blush of success, the resentful grudges & repentance of failure. Why do I hold it ? Why can’t I let go?
Today is mine with immense possibilities & hopes. Let me embrace this hour & let go the past.
Let me kiss the life that’s waiting for me today, tomorrow is a myth, yesterday is a mere dream, only today is my fact.
This is my way this my vision . Let me unfold it, every ounce of it & make it beautiful. Let me do what I failed to achieve, let me do what I forgot to achieve, let me do what I ignored to achieve.
Now I break all barriers & follow my desire, let me do it all
bestow love to my loved ones ,a thank you to my friends, dance in the rain, listen the bird’s song, smell the air & reach the cloud nine.
In body I may be bounded, in spirit I am free. Let me embrace my soul, let me be me.