I do...

“In this world I used to think we were born to live life, until I met Bhupen who taught me to love life”
And this poem I dedicate to him, to whom I owe my happiness, my dreams & myself.

One fine day in spring, for the first time I met you
Beautiful day it was, brimming with sun’s hue.
How less then I knew about that light,
Of it making my life so bright.

For that moment that one meet,
I found you who made my world complete.
That special day I can never forget,
A moment of bliss when our eyes met.

How foolish I was then, to not realize?
The place unsaid you hold in my life.
Now when your love I’ve come to fathom,
I also know that you’re the one.

My love, my man, my wish, my prayer,
With whom my whole life I share.
And if I am granted a boon to come true,
Till the end of time I’ll ask for you.


Neha Maheshwari

Hey Lucky Guy Bhupen who had U in his life..... Sweet poem shows dedication of urs towards relationship u both Share All d very best 4 future.... :)


Thanks dearie for the best wishes!


In raston par na baitho hawa tang karegi
Bichade huye logon ki sada tang karegi..
Matt tut ke chaho kisi ko aghaz-e-safar mei,
Bichdega to ek ek ada tang karegi.. !!

good night.