The immortal, what it is? Will I someway find it ever?
Is it a path of life or so, when everything you come to know.
A feeling so intense or power so strong.
While I live & struggle to make my space, it dawns on me to know it by face.
I think I can have it in me, which the common beings can’t see.
For it comes only to those, from the worldly ties who rose . spirit free.

Years flow, time flies. And as it ticks away it pauses to look back at me. To show me how I hold together the past. The happy memories & blush of success, the resentful grudges & repentance of failure. Why do I hold it ? Why can’t I let go?
Today is mine with immense possibilities & hopes. Let me embrace this hour & let go the past.
Let me kiss the life that’s waiting for me today, tomorrow is a myth, yesterday is a mere dream, only today is my fact.
This is my way this my vision . Let me unfold it, every ounce of it & make it beautiful. Let me do what I failed to achieve, let me do what I forgot to achieve, let me do what I ignored to achieve.
Now I break all barriers & follow my desire, let me do it all
bestow love to my loved ones ,a thank you to my friends, dance in the rain, listen the bird’s song, smell the air & reach the cloud nine.
In body I may be bounded, in spirit I am free. Let me embrace my soul, let me be me.

I do...

“In this world I used to think we were born to live life, until I met Bhupen who taught me to love life”
And this poem I dedicate to him, to whom I owe my happiness, my dreams & myself.

One fine day in spring, for the first time I met you
Beautiful day it was, brimming with sun’s hue.
How less then I knew about that light,
Of it making my life so bright.

For that moment that one meet,
I found you who made my world complete.
That special day I can never forget,
A moment of bliss when our eyes met.

How foolish I was then, to not realize?
The place unsaid you hold in my life.
Now when your love I’ve come to fathom,
I also know that you’re the one.

My love, my man, my wish, my prayer,
With whom my whole life I share.
And if I am granted a boon to come true,
Till the end of time I’ll ask for you.

Last Winter

This poem is dedicated to my lovable, adorable, dear grand mother. She is not here on this earth now but she is still with us & will forever be. Just one message to her…”Dearest sweetest nani I miss you a lot & my every birthday & festival is incomplete without you. Remember you were always the first one to wish.”

Last winter when I met you,
The day of January with clouds few.
The sun was nowhere in sight,
But the day for me was bright
For I had you by my side
Your love & care so warm & wide.

The values that you instilled in me,
Over the years help me to see.
The showers of blessings that came upon,
Helped me distinguish the right & wrong.

As I grew to be what I am,
More I got enticed to your charm.
In whichever way of life I’d ride,
I know I’ve you at my side.

Whenever I landed in times tough & trying,
You fuelled my will for spirit undying.
And it was this faith that made me realize,
From every downfall I could rise.

Now this winter I think of the past,
I feel it’s only memories that last.
You’ve gone so far from me,
To a place I can’t fathom nor see.

But for one thing I am so sure,
Love, love & love of yours…
Is still with me to empower my sight,
On a cloudy winter to show me the light.

N it gave me sleepless night

It was weekday as usual...
exerted & tired I had my dinner,
took a refreshing shower & went off to bed. Minutes later I was into a deep slumber. How less did I know then....that this night was not as usual but a sleepless one. I am an avid dreamer, whether am sleeping or awake I dream a lot. But this dream was not a usual one & here is how it goes---

There was this huge cottage where we had come for a vacation. Along with me were three of my friends. I have no idea who those 3 people were ...they were nobody from my real life, but they're my friends. We were all ready to leave for dinner & I had put on my favorite blue color. Suddenly I got a creaky feeling that made me falter on the stairs. I felt unwell & so friends decided that I would not go along with them. I stayed back. I was hooked on to the television when suddenly some sounds started coming from outside the window. I got up to find that someone was there in the garden, it was a woman. It was strange how the guard allowed somebody to come inside at this late hour, still I went out to inquire. She had this sparkling paper in her hand with some text scribbled in it. She told me that she was looking for a girl & the name she took was mine. Strange at an unknown place, all alone at late night & here comes a woman in search of me.
I behaved as if I had not heard that name before & took the paper from her. Yes my name was written there. Pretending to just help her I asked why she wanted this girl (me actually). She laughed away & in a soft tone said "I am death, I've to take her next". Then she disappeared.
My heart skipped a beat & I stood still there like a stone. Was this true or was it a sham. As soon as I regained my senses I ran towards the guard & asked him of the nearest temple. "The temple is at the highway road, opposite Hilltop view hotel "he answered. Without wasting a millisecond I rushed towards the car & went off straight to the highway towards the temple. I felt as if I was choking, anyhow I managed to reach there.

I ran up the stairs to the temple doors & sat there. It was almost dawn. I was shivering like wind itself. Hurriedly I pulled out the paper from my pocket to read it again & confirm if what happened was true. Oh goodness my name was there but now I was safe because I was in a temple. I gathered all my strength to read on further. Just below my name was a line that read as follows "Thou death shall be a sound one. Holy souls get holy end. Last breath has to be at...."
I then turned the paper to see "A sacred place..opposite Hilltop view hotel"