Eat,drink,breathe money!

We live in an age of flaunted indifference, infected by the “Not in my backyard” syndrome. We rob earth of the most rich of it’s resources, be it air, water or land. But when it comes to safeguarding them, it just becomes somebody else’s job. And me too is no different otherwise I would not have been here writing this post & spilling my frustration all over. Imagine this -- there’s a book on “101 ways to make money” & then there’s another on “help to keep your environment clean” which one would we choose? Probability of the former being chosen is more.
What crap? How can we shut the doors to this outer world of which we are very much a part?
I do nothing when I see uncountable tissue papers, A4 sheets, paper glasses getting wasted in my organization. Wonder how many trees went into it’s making! I do nothing when I see all night celebrations in the neighborhood park & then the remains of it (read leftovers) the rest of the days.
We will never take the initiative until we get to bear it. This is what I call as “not in my backyard” syndrome. I don’t know if we will wake up before it’s too late & do something to save our mother earth.
Or may be…..
It reminds me of some lines I read years ago-
It’s only after the last river has been poisoned,
It’s only after the last tree has been cut,
It’s only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then we will come to know that money can’t be eaten.



Worth a thought..blogrolled you too!


yups dearie! It seriously hurts that v sit n do nothing


Hey that ending amazed me.Wonderful....


Really well written!

Great! :)


I feel grateful to have response for this post, coz when I was writing it I was in doubt whether it would click anybody in the manner I intended. But I am elated that I spread this message.
In my day to day life, I've made the start & I wish you also take the initiative.


Very well said and so true...this is how devoid of thought ppl hav become. But i try to work in my on way hoping tht someday droplets like me will become an ocean.


very true!

Keep spreading wisdom and knowledge this way Arunima. Alot of ppl still dun realise the things u said in this post. Well-done!



hey Ria, nice 2 c ur response.It's good dat u r making an effort. Be +ve & move forward, together we will surely achieve our purpose.


Hi Keshi,thank you.I really treasure your comments.


it defintly clicks dear...we all witness such things in our surroundings but take it 4 grantd..which is shameful..keep up the good work...

Hemanth Potluri

wow the post was simply awesome ...nice way to spread knowledge..:)..liked the ending :)..



hi Swati,
Thanks for the compliment & ya u r correct v all take it 4 granted.


hi Hemanth, nice 2 c ur response on my page.


Hey all it's always good to see response for one's own effort. And it will be good if we spread this awareness around us & attempt to make a difference by small contribution of ours.
Save environment & help others do the same.


Lets begin at our level NOW ... and see that we get to the next level

Hey we talked over it ... So when are we bringing our coffee mugs .........
And that would be simply letting others give it a serious thought ... that ways w'll propagate it further ...... that would be going to the next level atleast for now

So lets make it our resolution no !!! not for the NEW YEAR ...
but instead We should start now so that before this year ends we spread it to our floor (organization level)


Your "Not in my Backyard" syndrome is what I think which explains the feelings of this post the best..because it applies not only to the environmental issues u have pointed out here, it also portray the mindset of the mass.. However, Its good to see that there are many more people who have identified this syndrome and working to change things around!!! Oh, I meant I am one of your kind...



together we vil 4 sure, attain d next level.I am bringing mine on coming Monday(say no to paper cups)
he he he v vil spread dis 2 d floor...yups v hv 2 make dis infectious.
n remember v yet 2 do sumthing abt the tissue papers.



Thank u 4 d compliments.
>>Oh, I meant I am one of your kind
Well then keep up & spread the good work.

U know y I wanted u 2 reveal ur identity? coz say sumbody else (anonymous)post a response 2 me, how vil I come 2 know if it's u or not??

Abhishek jain

looking forward to that day...when people's concern will not only be confined to their homes..but to mother earth...nice piece of writing...



Thank u!
V all look 4ward 2 tht day bt 4 dis we need 2 spread it in vichever way we can.
Help make a difference.


>>>U know y I wanted u 2 reveal ur identity? coz say sumbody else (anonymous)post a response 2 me, how vil I come 2 know if it's u or not??

I will post with an "S" at the end of my response..and call u "A"...if u dont mind ??


okies as u wish

Vimal Gasper

Two environmentally friendly things which I don't deviate from:
1. use both sides of paper
2. don't get plastic carry bags from shops if you can carry your goodies without one.


m not good writer u know that(i believe in doing),i just want to say if u really care bout earth,some ppl (including me) goes to yamuna river to clean its banks sometimes,y don't u join us.u will see how much we ppl have spoiled it.

wht say....buddy.

do u have that killing "Instinct".



Well Even I believe in doing.
There r a lot of "save earth" drives of which I have been a part already.
I am into all this since past many months.

As far as ur suggestion is concerned yes i would like to choose it.


i trust u :) and will update u on any drive regarding this,keep me updating about ur save earth drives.

will have to do something excepts sitting in AC room in front of PC having a sip of your coffee and browsing frnds on orkut/facebook and pulling QA ppl(for not doing much testing) atlast blaming poor ppl for making earth a mess.