I forgot to live...

When I came into this world I knew nothing of my own self.
I did not choose my gender or color or parents or name.
As I grew I began to know ME as an identity, to know my wishes, my dreams, my aims & so the journey began.

As a kid I was dying to score better marks & gave all my time to tuition teachers. I forgot, to play in the sun, to make castles of mud, to stroll on the outside lane, to…

As I grew up, I was dying to make something of my career. I devoted all my time to studies.
I forgot to attend my cousin’s birthday, to chat with my friends, to walk with the wind, to…

When I went to college, I was dying to get a job, yeah the best one. I forgot to celebrate every little joy present in my world, to freak with my friends, to spend time in the college canteen, to…

Today that I think I’ve made my existence, I am dying to get a bigger job, a better life, a beautiful future. I look back to find the remains of the days past by, all shallow. Where are those beautiful moments which I could have lived with my loved ones in the gone years.Now I realize that while I was dying to attain my goals I forgot so many things. I forgot to laugh, to love, to cry, to sing, to dance & so on. I just forgot to live. While I ran blindly to touch my tomorrow, I forgot to live my today.

Yeah life continually gives us more gifts then what we can fathom, it’s only our perception that matters. We should live our today & feel every moment of it. It doesn’t mean that one should stop planning for the future or one should stop setting their goals. It only means that we should learn to relish every moment. Today is our gift that’s why it’s called present.

And now that I’ve realized this folly of mine I’ve promised myself that I will
Live everyday, love more, laugh often.


Akshaya Kamalnath

Agree. Agree a thousand times. I realised that pretty late (after getting into college) and began enjoying the present.



Yups dearie but at least you did it in college. I got 2 realize it now, when life has gone so busy, overloaded with work, me away from home n family, now I realize what I left behind.


Completely agree with wht u hav said. And Amen to what u hav said dear. Also hope that others r inspired to do the same.


ah nicely put across...yeah!!! we frgt to live in our effort to survive...we run d rat race...again n again...over n over...n someone keeps movin our cheese...
in an effort to find d greater happiness...we frgt d small ones which we miss on d way...we keep waitn for godot


**Today is our gift that’s why it’s called present!!

Thats such a meaningful line..a very uplifiting post,dearie!


True ..very true ..I too realise the same now . We all are so busy at times running after one thing but missing many at the same time .


Thanks sweetie.
Yups life would become much easier if all of us live that way.


>>we run d rat race...again n again...over n over...n someone keeps movin our cheese

I completely agree on this one. And there's one more irony to it,even if we win the race, we will still be called as rats.he he he!



Thanks Aayu!
Luv u... (not 4 +ve feedback bt 4 d fact dat our thoughts quite click)



Ya dear we do miss "n" number of things while we run after one!


i don't think it true with u .......
u didn't live life this way .....

but then i can be wrong ?

leave that it nice post for all people spend their life chasing thing. Whenever u wake up from this black and white chasing dream u will realize that life has more color then u ever thought.
It doesn't mater when u wake up because " IT NEVER TOO LATE "


It feels so good to c ur response here.
>>but then i can be wrong ?

Though what I've written is somehow true bt still I can't call u wrong coz u didn't c me dat way n u don know that side of me!
Anywaz that's history.
Good that u spoke ur heart out n ya u r right...its nvr 2 late!

Neha Maheshwari

Hey Aru u r rite in sum way bt I for u this is nt fully true.... But its u who can describe yourself fully... wonderful expnantion of modern age people... Now I think we will see lively Arunima in you....
As usual amazing post.....


Yeah ... it happens to most of us
While we r chasng our dreams ... we tend 2 ignore small thngs that may count big later ......

And almost many of us feel it this way but only some like u have the skills & courage 2 put them in words ......... courage of course to disclose those deep down missed part of our lives


beautiful post!

TOADY is all we've got..and if u hv realised that already, that means u know how to LIVE life to the fullest.



gr8 u liked it.
n yes u vil c a lively me!
infact i am being one nowadaz


he he he i am flattered!
u know vat u give quite expert comments. y don't u also start blogging?
Nice idea;)



Well u already spread so much happiness arnd...good dat u liked it.



it s good that u realized it. And it is said that if u laugh at least 5 min each day u will live longer :) It s never too late :)




I meant TODAY..sorry abt the typo lol! Im always in a hurry :):)




Thanks Aru but I am not very regular .... I mean I am quite moody ....
And u need to b a bit dedicated for this
and yaar .... fir tumhe expert comments kaon dega ....


Hi A..

All I can say is:--

Life is an Ice Cream,
Enjoy it before it melts...!!

BTW u look to be a cheerful person..i don't think u let go of any fun time with friends or family...or u do ??



hey dear thanks 4 dropping by my blog
& for the advice too. i'll keep it in mind!


okies dear as u wish!


Well thnks, atleast u gave ur signature coz i don't like to call ppl anonymous after all each hv their own identity.
>>BTW u look to be a cheerful person
hmm looks can b deceptive!!!


very well written...guess its all abt understanding that unless u live and love ur today u wont be able to make a beautiful tom!


:) Yes, there are phases in my life when I forgot to live..though I 'm sure you'd agree I enjoyed the schooldays :p


hey dear welcome 2 my blog & thanks 4 d compliment;)


>>you'd agree I enjoyed the schooldays

yups I do...talking of school daz n u, d 1st thing dat came 2 my mind was u taking d "reading" in morning prayers (remembr)


Your looks aren't deceptive, and trust me when I say that..!!



Ur ans has set d bells ringing...
how can u b so sure on me???
I doubt if u r sumbody I actually know.


Aruuu! :D
Just dropped by to say a hieeeee..luscious dp btw ;)


Yeah so agree with you

yesterday is history
tommorow is a mystery...


Well well..yes u know me for sure...I am ..s.. the guy next door who loves reading ur posts...thatz all..let the bells go on mute...now... I m waiting for the next one..I think u post om weekends!!


hey thanks 4 dropping by my blog
Do i know u???


welcome 2 my blog..;)

Vimal Gasper

So true and well written...


Thanks n welcome 2 my blog...


wht u have written,101% true.we always want be happy in 2morrow(i will be happy if i get 90% marks,i will be happy if i get job in US MNC,i will be happy if i get versace jacket,i will be happy if i have someone.right ?),but i found there is no 2morrow,there is only today.

Live everyday,Love truly and laugh uncontrollably.
That's me.