Worthy WE

Our mind is sometimes in a state of that consistent comparison of what we have & what we want.
We always keep on building efforts & hopes for whatever we desire next.
But why does it happen that things we want strongly are also the ones that eludes us the most.
I am not saying this on the basis of any one past incident. Instead this is something that I have realized over the years & now I quite strongly believe into.
Just as the clear glistening dew drops disappear the moment we touch them…..Just as the colorful rainbow vanish the moment we blink……Just as the beautiful dream gets over the moment we wake up……So is the wish of the human heart. It keeps on eluding us until the last moment.
How many times has it happened to you that you were confident of attaining your goal but you ended up to find that you were just half way through & that there is still more to go.
Ask me and I would confess that I have experienced it every time I aimed for something.
Whenever I felt that it’s the completion of the journey & my goal lies on the next step I take, I found that there were yet miles to go. Oops life gets so tricky sometimes.

But then I do feel that this is the beauty of it. Just like the gold gets finer every time it’s purified on fire so does we. The more we work hard for a thing the more we become worthy of it. As the new Cadbury chocolate ad proudly asks “Have you earned it?”
Well then it’s good to get things the tough way. The more we toil the more precious it gets.
So when next time the going gets tough & then you achieve it in life do ask yourself…..have I earned it?
Hey and the answer, it surely got to be YES.


Prashant Singh

Nice Post . brought abck some old memories . I was in somewhat simmilar mindset
2 years back.

I learned that real risk is that at times we realize its not what we really want but we live in denial and we keep on fighting a lost battle . One shouldn't give up on things HE/She want because of hardship involved but at the same time living in denial will be of no use either . I don't know what it is that you aim for but I wish you luck and hope you are wise to make out the difference.



Well i am not at all in such a kind of situation.
I wrote just a generalized case.
I feel life is that way....& it poses like this whenevr i take on new aims.

P.S it was nice reading Smoke & Coke...

Prashant Singh

Oh Great ! So i am wrong again . Next time I will be afraid to be the first one to post comment on your post :)

Thanks for the kind words

comfortably numb

"hazaaron khwahishein aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
bahut nikle mere armaan magar phir bhi kam nikle"

as 4 earning a wish, u r bang on! nothing tastes sweeter than a hard fought well earned victory/wish/success!!!


OOPs i hope u don take it otherwise....i mean i don want 2 prove u wrong.
Bt it has happened the 2nd time nah.
anywaz u need nt 2 b afraid...we may differ on how we see the same thing.



yeah Saim nothing can beat a hard earned victory!!!

Hemanth Potluri

well said dear..:)...hard ship has made me more strong...it does not alwys lead to victory but it teaches lot of things which we cant forget...:)...wat u rote is wat i exp and it had brought some fine memories :)..



did i get inspired?

Arunima, quite a positive post. and u know that i like being positive :) good going girlie..



excellent post!!!

**Just as the clear ... us until the last moment.

loved this para...perfect analogies...

cud quite relate to this post as d same things seem to b happenin wid me...missin my dreams by jus a blink...touchin yet not feelin my desires...

i have to say this is ur best till date


hey good that it revoked fine memories.
and yes difficulties does teach.


if I am 2 answer this Qn, then all i wud say is ....I have only shared my opinion herein.
"Inspiration"....i am 2 undeserving 2 handle it


Million thanks 4 the praise.
It feels gr8 2 hear compliments from one u look up 2 as a master.

P.S Hope u cum out of this phase of urs as WINNER.


Some wonderful pearls of wisdom there gurl!well said and i so totally agree with wht u hav said.


My personal experience says : Do not think about results and do your work because the moment we think, things never worked.
The best is : do your job with honestly and sincerity no matter what.
And I know it is easy to say but I am passing through same phase as I am trying for visitors for my blog and earnings as well but not working.
What to say ?
Destiny - The right word.


nice inspirational post.


now thats a sweet post gal :)

and like you said, its just the way it is and I like it too :)

Thanks for this post... take care...

have a nice day... cheers...


yeah it is the case most of the time..bt u knw each steps which increases the gap between u n ur goal builds up ur moral to fight back..that's where the spirit comes from..
good post sweety..
take care..


Thats what LIFE is all abt...EARNING ur DUES thru hard WORK. Lovely post!



hello ji,
it has been long time i didn't comment about ur "thoughts",actually u need a better author like me who can solve all of ur question.

apna to ye kahana hi "life doesn't put things in front of you,that u r unable to handle" ji..

njoy life,love it and live it,don't push it very hard,uska (life) mood change ho gaya to problem ho jaayegi na...

kya lekar aaye thy,or kya lekar jaayenge ji.sub kuch yahi rah jaana hi...bus je pyar baatete chalo..:)

publish karo to apki meharbani,na karo to tab bhi khush,apne to pad liya na bus...hamare liye khafi hi.



thanks honey!



>>personal experience says : Do not think about results.
Well even the holy "Bhagvad Gita" says this.

>>I am trying for visitors for my blog and earnings as well

Hey I do follow up ur Pen the mightier blog & u haven't posted updates since nov...then how come u r feeling that things r nt wrking.


Thanks honey!


Hey dear thanks 4 the praises!


yeah i agree with u ..the gap does give strength & that nvr die spirit.


yeah !!


Oh lagta hain apki bhasha me "Rab ne Banadi jodi" ka asar aa gaya hain.

hmm lekar to kuch nahi jana hain par haan dekar zaruur jana hain.
isliye bahut mehnat karni hain & isliye hamara jine ka hisab alag hain. Yes I don't push life very hard bt I do push it 2 attain the nxt level. And i also enjoy it in that course of time.


P.s do i make sense in this ans...ahh ignore it if i dont.


my dear lady,i don't watch SRK movie,he ruined my name "Rahul".my grandmom must be very sad(in heaven). dekar tu mujhe bhi jaana hi,but i try to do it @ evry level of my life,i have no plan to be bill gates and then open a foundation like him,because i have only today(shayad kal ho na ho right).jindagi sub log ek jaise jeete hi(full of struggle,deadline,project,marrige,baache,baacho ki shadi and then die),bus nazriya sabka alag hi.am i right madam ?

1 more thing.don't forgt ,if u r @ top,u would be alone(think about pyramid),samething happend with me,so i quit evrything and come to where i belong.

i wish u get wht u want to achieve.


Scribblers Inc

quite inspiring!! :D

Scribblers inc.

P.S.-It says scribble dee!! YAAY! :D


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

u know wht i am talking about. :)

Plz ignore if u didn't get it.


Makes sense....but also as time goes one has to learn to realize that when something does not work the way you want it to...if prolly not meant for you....


Hi Arunima,

Very well said....but what I really feel about this is that...life is more of a learning experience than about setting goals and trying hard to achieve it.I have myself many times set goals for myself,and achieved it,but realised it sooner(as u said)...was this the end of it?...definitely not....actually we tend to keep increasing our ambitions/expectations and that's the reason we feel that we have not reached to the point where we wanted to.This is very human,never satisfied with himself....To give you a personal example,I reduced my weight 25 kgs. in college from first year and now I look thin..but this did not satisfy me...now going for body building..and who knows after achieving that...i might feel that this is not what i was looking for..I would like to be a boxer.

So what I really want to say is that there is nothing called goal...we just try to work hard for something which we want/like and it should we taken that way...life is the best teacher and we learn so many things in it till the final destination arrives.


Hi,Arunima-coming here via your link in Keshi's blog...and,I'm glad I did..specially coz I've been in this thoughtful phase since the last few days.Of comparing what I have,what I wanted,what I got,etc...and,the answer keeps coming 'circumstances'are what cause everything.Am writing a post on that right now,so won't reveal it all here.(Isi bahane,u'll drop by my blog,too..LOL)..and,quite liked the 'about me' part you've written..coz I'm identical-dreamer,engineer by profession,here to follow my love for writing..:)Besides this,I write on and off to mags and papers(Letters To The Editor)..:)Will be back later,to read a bit more.


At times, there are compromises involved.. Not all times, we get what we want in spite of dedication n determination.


hey thanks 4 visiting.


well thats a nice analogy!


hey thanks 4 visiting.

yeah u r correct in ur own sense.
>>increasing our ambitions/expectation...
hmm we do increase our xpectations vid each day past bt den this is vat keeps us going.

Dont u think life wud b 2 dull if dere vil nt b these big/small desires dat keep us going!!!


hey thanks 4 visiting n thanks 4 d praises...

it sounds interesting...vil surely visit ur blog 4 d same!!!


i have something to say,just wait for a while,i am just collecting my words...


'reverse therapy' and now the concept of earning your gifts the hard way from life... I'm actually finding your concepts of life really practical to life! ;)
have I earned it?
... have I earned it?


Hi Arunima,
Tumne thik kaha tha, blog padkar lagta nahi ki ye tum ho. Well nice reading specially this one. Will add lot of stuff in form of comment as and when i will get free time :)
Take care


Stumbled upon your blog in the midst of these digital winds, and am hopeless in stopping myself from commenting; so dropping by this unwarranted view.
Quite often, it is precisely because the things elude us, that we want them strongly. It is perhaps not the victory to achieve what you want, but rather the joy that you receive in your journey towards what you had set to achieve, that is really characteristic of our life and its ongoing flow. Today's success becomes tomorrows milestone that one leaves behind, traveling ahead to make new ones and the most successful often turn the stones of obstruction into milestones of success. So lets aim for the highest, the peak; for even if we don't reach the zenith, we are still victorious in being defeated by the ultimate rather than getting the temporal pleasure of victory over a weaker aim--as some wise man aptly said: The worse thing than aiming high and failing to achieve it is to aim low and actually achieve it. All the best!


u r post is very nice !!! it will surely ring in the person's mind for sometime. Keep it up !!!