Priceless LIFE.

Mumbai mayhem is over. Positive aftermaths & actions have begun.
As I sit here miles away from that place, I have come to know how it all has changed my perception towards life. Never ever did I realize that every moment holds a story to it & we never know which of these can be a bad one? I am moved emotionally & mentally only to find more importance of life. Laid down below are some words I have written for my own self. You may not find these words sane. You may not understand the post If this be the case then apologies beforehand.

This small world with so many people present in it. Of which few faces I know.
Of these few ones some I love…I adore… I respect… I worship…I like…I despise…
But they all comprise my own smaller world. And I never gave it a thought that this beautiful dream of mine is so vulnerable. While I may be busy collecting sunshine for my world I may fail to see the stars already there.
Now that I’ve come to know, I’ve also learn how precious each day (that goes off well) is. And I’ve also realized why in school at morning prayers, we used to thank God for even the food we eat & the breath we take.
From now onwards “living” for me ………
Is not about adding years to my life,
It’s about adding life to those years.
And about my world ……I treasure it more then ever before.


Neha Maheshwari

Nice post dear!!!!!!!! I think u r deeply hurt bt mumbai attack.....


very well said. I completely agree with u.

Hemanth Potluri

beautiful said :)...and soo awesome :)...i totally am on ur side :)..



I vote for the same :)

Have a nice evening... cheers...


Hmm I don't know if I am hurt or shaken.


Thanks dear....
Good that u agree vid this.


Hey dear thank u 4 being by my side.
Initially i ws wondering if any1 cud connect 2 vatevr i hv written here.


Ye its gr8 dat v all r voting 4 d same side.
As u alwaz say.........Cheers!


This was very touching Arunima :)
And the part i liked the most was where you spoke your mind aimlessly. I so love the way the wonder our words do when we let our mind wander and guide us through the lost paths in it :)

I see you've blogrolled me :) Thanks for that...



Spoke your mind out..good for you,my cuteheart! :D

A nice post!


well said.


very well said girl! we share the same sentiments on this.

**Now that I’ve come to know, I’ve also learn how precious each day (that goes off well) is.

thats why Im bak so soon :) cos I didnt wanna waste one more day brooding abt something I cannot change. I wanted to LIVE for those who DIED. So Im bak n HUGS!



Hi Mehru.
yeah u r correct, words sometimes are magical.






Yeah very happy that u r back.
Though I dont blog everyday bt I am addicted 2 check all u friend's update. And I used 2 miss ur posts at that time. Cant tell u I ws so happy ven u posted "Sneak peak" update while u wre on ur break. Its refreshing 2 have u besides.


Yes this is exactly what i went thru when i saw the attacks happening. I cant believe life can be so cruel at times!!Had the ppl who were wining and dining at the Taj and Trident known tht this would the last day of their life, they would have definitely not gone there. This is the worst way of dieing which one can think of!Only makes me realise tht life can be a cruel joke many a times.


nice post - reminds me of the discussion between abhishek bachhan and Bomabn Irani in Bluffmaster


awww :) ty sweetz!

I wont be that regular I used to be. I wanna space out my posts as much as I can, so everyone gets a chance to read em during the week...and also cos Im very busy at work...and also cos I wanna approach blogging in a different manner now :) Will tellu all abt it soon.

But Im here for dun worry. HUGS!



ya dear i completely agree with you.
That's the irony of life.

BTW u r back from ur trip, hw was it.
Hope u enjoyed a lot & had a gr8 time vid family.


Thank U.
Hey bt I haven't seen Bluffmaster so don't know which scene u r referring to.


when we are shaken or hurt, people ask to relax. Its high time now, we stop relaxing and start reacting, rather acting.


It goes like this

Abhishek is diagnosed with brain tumor and Boman is the doc.

Doc tells him you have a month to live. Think of 30 days in your life of thirty years that you were really happy.

It is difficult for him to think of those 30 days.

So the doc concludes that if you make the most of life in the next 30 days you would have more fun that you have had in your lifetime...

(smg like this from memory not exact) point you mentioned "live life"


ohh so vats cooking baby???
u vil b blogging in a different way huh!
Cool then i vil be waiting 2 know vat have u planned next.
BTW since they r ur plans they ought 2 b mischievous.


hey welcome to my blog.
I agree with you...


Ohh now I understand. BTW u explained it quite nicely.
Cool na!


lol HUGS!



Nicely Put !

it's SAD that it takes a cruel display of terror for us to realize the value of Life and what it has to offer . what we will do with this realization ? Not sure . I guess it will be different for everyone .and SADLY it will be "Nothing " for most of us.

The worst part of the mumbai indecent was not the attack it self but our reaction to it . Security Agencies playing Blame game ,MEDIA cashing it for TRP ,Politician Taking Electoral Mileage out of it , People Making Virtual group on Face book,Forwarding emails and Twitter getting flooded with update . and in doing so somewhere we feel we did our bit and we feel patriotic ...your post was diffrent in one sense that it was not similar to those other article i read in blogsphere.

and ya ,the new template is cool.


Hey great post Arunima....Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on it...I am yet to come out of that Mumbai Incident :(


Well written...lovely post....comin here the first time...shall be a regular visitor here :)


Hey that's good if u can relate to it.

And u are absolutely correct we ppl realize the value of life the hard way. The greater irony is that we vil soon forget the pledge & temperament that v had taken for our nation & LIFE vil bcome normal as usual.


Well in that case I wud jst say that may u get the strength to cum out of it.


Welcome 2 my blog & thank u for giving ur feedback.
Yes u r most welcome 2 visit it regularly.
I wud b more then happy on that.

Sachin Malhotra

very nice blog...

pls visit my blog and share ur views...

thank you

Vijay Kumar Sappatti


I came first time on your blog and i liked it very much. specially this post , we are deeply moved by the attacks and i share the same sentiment with you.

congrts for good writing .

pls visit my blog : for some poems .




i always believe that " thoughts become things" and u thought that ur life will be treasure so it is.

i don't know if u have seen "om shanti om" and u really heard that dialog "kitni shiddat se and something something...:) "

u get that only wht u always think.u thought it is treasure it is.



m not 2 much in posting comments,because i don't like to comment on anything or u can say it is not in my blood,everyone has life,and they like to give a Shot,but u have written so much about life and that is about precious,so i couldn't stop myself on this issue,we ppl are we really precious ???.I am asking this y because u said in one line that "life is precious",but for whom,for u only right ?.so if we want to make it precious,make it for others.e.g diamond dosn't know if it is precious or not and diamond doesn't say to itself i am pricelss,only we know it is precious or priceless right? make ur life precious for others.

that's the precious or priceless life.

Comments invited.


Now thats an interesting view point Rahul.

Since no one ever cried on his own death so we can safely assume that Loss of life is not important for the one who died.

so we can safely assume that Your life is not important to you ( No ?? why you are waisting it here than) & My life is not important to me (that explain why i am writing a long comment in response to your remark) & Authors life is not important for Her (as she is doing nothing but to moderate the comment as we talk) . and same for those who have subscribed to follow up comment :D .

value we get from our life is relative . ( Less the relatives more the value . :D )

Now finally The meaning of precious which has the same meaning as the word priceless .

Have you seen Master Card commercial . look at the things they call priceless in each of them will see that most of those priceless things comes from others . that gives us an idea what make life precious ( BTW I just noticed that All my cards are on VISA , DAMN !! ).

Thanks Rahul for giving me some food for thought on this [otherwise ] boring day. A Very Happy New Year to you

PS: I hope you understand that i am just kidding . and by no mean want to belittle your observation about life or offend the readers of this blog .


u took the discussion in opposite direction,will discuss it later.
first let discuss bout life.

m talking about life,not bout death and moments of life.yaar ab ye mastercard kahan se beech mein aa gaya?

everyone knows here we can't cry on our death.

i give u another chance,whatever u know bout life,write it here.i assume she would not i right owner ???.


"i give u another chance,whatever u know bout life,.."

thanks for giving me CHANCE Your Majesty, but as I mentioned in the concluding lines that my comment is not meant to be taken seriously .it was just a bored guy on keyboard .

would love to have the discussion about Life with you some other day . Today i am busy living it. :)


u live ur life,
lekin if u get some time,kabhi sher sunna galib ka..

galib ne kaha hi,

ye mat pooch ke kya haal hi mera tere samne,ye dekh ke kya rang hi tera mere samne...

PS:I hope you understand that i am just kidding :).


@Prashant @Rahul
Hey whats cooking 2 c this conversation now.

BTW I completely agree 2 what Prashant says here.


In "mY wOrLD My SpAce" truth surrender or get defeat and lies always win.right ?


Well I would say it just depends on an individual's perception.
If u think that
"truth gets defeated in this blogspace & it's full of all lies"
then u r free enough 2 believe it coz its ur mindset.

"mY wOrLD My SpAce" is my place to speak my mind & heart may sound acceptable 2 some & senseless to rest. But I am not here to satisfy others quest for conclusions.
U r free to do & think vat u want 2.

My blog is dear 2 me & that's all that matters

Okies Rahul.


i appreciate u allowed me to write on this and i also take some of ur words "this is your place to speak my mind & heart may sound acceptable 2 some & senseless to rest".
I don't expect senseless from u,because u know i accepts some of ur verdicts/thoughts in some of ur posts.

And if u talk about my mindsets,so my mindsets doesn't allowed me to talk or think only about my self unlike ur's(right ?).In My life there is no "I" or "My" exists unlike ur's,and it make my life very beautiful and happy.

we are not 3/4 year children,which fight over my pencil/my eraser,we have grown up and we would like to expects same things from "I"(you).

in end i would like to say just remove "I" and "My" from ur life,ur life will be better.

m busy now,would like to write more,but on weekends only.

tc and take a break from "I" and "My".

i want to be...

well written...
i accidently steped on ur blog and what made me stop was some close to reality posts and that v share quite a few things in common....
as in like ncr,virgo and the surname as well...
keep writin
signin off