Sprinkling mirth!!!

(Hey friends I was absent from blogosphere as I had gone home for Diwali. Hope you all had a sparkling & happy festive celebrations)

Past week was geared up with celebrations & fun. I enjoyed it all & in midst of all the joy I got this special thought to share with all. Festivals nowadays are not just a religious, social ceremony for people, but much more beyond that.
The happiness, the free spirit, the gladness, the gaiety, the fun & the colors that come with it, all are so precious. I just love our festivals. They make our life so beautiful & rocking. Of late the recession thing had toned down everybody’s spirit, specially the corporate ones. Being from corporate world I know how we were actually living with this bearish slump. The meager appraisals & fear of job cuts had engulfed everybody in sadness.
But then came the festival time, bringing celebrations in the air. And everyone forgot their worries though momentarily but at least they did. The following lines express my thoughts aptly-

A sprinkling lot of mirth ,
Cascaded from heaven to earth.
Oh weary hearts be gay,
It’s a joyous day today.

Festivals bring so much spark & liveliness. Meeting all dear ones, praying & worshiping Gods, decorating our sweet home, exchanging gifts, calling old friends, having lavish feasts, attending festive functions & much more. In simplest of words festival means just being happy altogether.
Yeah and on this high note, I end this post. And I wish & hope that these festive celebrations always & forever lit up our lives & brim it with joy.


Hemanth Potluri

welcome back arunima....u missed my birthday party on the blog da..:P...anyways u can have your gift over here www.hemuphoto.blogspot.com

N belated diwali wishes :)..



thank u so much 4 d gift.
I have left a note there 4 u;)


Glad that you're back! :P

Belated diwali wishes..hope you had a raawkkkeeen time back home :)


yes festivals bring alot of cheer but that cheer should be kept in the heart everyday. :) did u read my Diwali post?



Well said babe!and u r so true abt festivals....i simply love festivals....its a way of celebrating life. :)


festivals just revive one's mood isn't it?..i hope this festive ambience remains throughout the year..


ya dear i had a rocking time.i alwaz do ;)


Nops sweety I did not read ur diwali post. Seems sumthing interesting lies out dere.
Well then i vil catch it asap.


Hi dear!
Good that we share same opinion on it. After all festivals gives us so many reasons 2 smile.


hmm though u r correct bt life never stays d same, everything has 2 pass...even dis festive ambience.
Ohh itz so bad na!!!

aqua gurl

good to see you bk arunima!

and yes i totally agree, festivals bring so much to life, so much peace, so much togetherness.


lol Arunima! yes read it soon :)



Bijay Rungta

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