Make A Promise!

"I had the blues because I had no shoes,

Until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet..."

-- Denis Waitley

I was a kid then, when while writing an essay I came across this saying in my quotation book. The rhyming words made me hurriedly jot it down in my treasured diary where I (even now) write down every tit bit that appeals my mind. I did not understand the meaning then, all I could see was street rhyming with feet.

And now that I’ve understood it tears my heart apart whenever I relate it with my real life. I always say that I have a lot of dreams & I want to fulfill them all in this lifetime of mine. But when I see a human soul as similar in existence as my own but not born with the blessing that at the end of the day he has a home to return to, enough resources (after whole day of work) to settle the hunger for food, a bed to fall asleep & forget the worries of the day, I am left pondering-

“God this very human existence is your design but why did you kept so disparities in it?”

At one side there is a human who rolls in luxury, eats five times a day (read five healthy meals which their dietitian suggested), have to think hard to decide which dress to wear for the day & drives flashy cars. At the extreme is a human soul who leaves for work imparting a hope to his family, that today he will surely get food for everyone.

I don’t know that if this is to be accepted as harsh truth or God’s design? But for my own self I’ve reached a conclusion. I have not stopped dreaming big but instead I have extended my dreams & made a place for a new promise.

A promise which I have done to myself, a promise to lend a helping hand to the needy, promise that for my every precious gain I will bring a smile to as many faces as I can.

***This article comes straight from my heart so dear readers if you are able to identify the humble feeling with which I have written this then do try to make a difference to this world. On your next birthday, before you celebrate it with your loved ones in the most lavish of way, if you could sponsor just one meal of as many needy people as your age it will multiply your happiness.***


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good idea

is that an original article? i was trying to identify if it was an original, by trying to pick out at least one spelling or grammatical error but could not find it.

btw, i will try to do this on my next bday. i wish i had started earlier since i am pretty old now and will have to organize a grand party :D to fulfill my promise.


aww Arunima this post brought tears to my eyes. made me appreciate all that I hv and made me want to help the needy asap. tnxx alot for the encouragement sweetz!

Im doing my bit right now...Im gonna take it a step further and gonna surprise a lil kid soon...a total stranger. will write abt it later :)

*HUGZ* ur a good soul! a rare one.